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The Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

The Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Submitted by : Name of Student

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I . Introduction

Wherever we go , nursing profession is very in demand nowadays Hospitals need credible and professional nurses that will assist the needs of the ill-patient . Before an individual become a nurse practitioner , he /she must complete first advanced education like master 's degree and training in the management and diagnosis . A nurse practitioner serves patients of all ages . But there are illnesses especially chronic illness , that need more attention and that 's how

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program came into the scene . The Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program (ACNP ) assists the nurses to have an advanced nursing training or care to adults who have been chronically and acutely sick . Its focus is to stabilize the condition of an individual , minimize acute complications and restore the individual 's health . The Acute Care Nurse Practitioner gives health assistance to any adult and set their own family as secondary . The Acute Care Nurse Practitioner are experts in giving attention and concerned to acutely sick individual , involving complex monitoring , reasoning and therapies Researches and theoretical principles are used by the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in applying therapies that lessen complications , control and handle risk factor and restore health condition (see Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

The intents of this are to (1 ) figure out the history of the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (2 ) get acquainted with the scope of the ACNP including state , institutional , and Nurse Practitioner-Patient Relationship (3 ) know the competencies of the ACNP role specifically in Advance Practice Nurse and NP Competencies and ACNP Specialty Competencies (4 ) recognize the pro of the ACNP role and (5 ) be aware of the ACNP role implementation such as educational preparation of the ACNP and reimbursement for ACNPs

II . Background

A . History of the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

During 1997 , there were approximately 2 .4 million registered nurses in the United States of America and there were about 161 ,700 who were advanced practice nurses , nurse practitioners , nurse anesthetists nurse-midwives , or clinical nurse specialists . Majority of the advanced practiced nurses possess master 's degree and several are nationally certified . Moreover , the advanced practice nurses render a great help in the hospitals and the hospitals cannot function properly without the advanced practice nurses because majority of the anesthesia is conducted by the CRNAs while the Nurse Practitioner and clinical nurse specialists are very vital in giving quality patient care in acute care functions The nurse practitioner role was created to meet the needs of the patients and has improved more to show and explain their value in acute care . For several years , researches have substantiated the benefits of having nurse practitioners in the acute and critical care conditions Furthermore , the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner has an exceptional combination of years of acute care nursing proficiency and understanding together with advanced education . Acute Care Nursing Practitioners are taking the place of the house officers without losing the quality of patient care...

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