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`Active Student`Vs. `Passive Student`





Active versus Passive Students : A Point by Point Overview of the Pros and Cons

There are two types of students in school , active students and passive students , reflective of their external and internal natures and personalities . Active students often put out more social , physical , and verbal effort , ask more questions within the group , and voluntarily get involved in classroom group activities . Passive students , on the other hand , tend to be quieter , stay on track with lectures , and get more done in regard to individual

class work . Unfortunately , active students are sometimes frenzied in their work and behaviors , have the tendency to annoy others , and can be aggravating jokesters , and the problem of passive students is that they can be too sluggish in their activities have the capacity to be overly shy of others , and too often withdraw themselves from the group . The characteristics of active students and passive students are somewhat opposed to each other , yet these behavioral manners both have pros and cons in regard to the characteristics of their learning styles

There is an overall tendency for active students to put out more social effort and for passive students to lean towards being calmer . In to validate knowledge and evaluate the things they know , active students tend to put more effort into class work such as discussions or debate s . Active students continually and actively develop their knowledge through this learning skill . Passive students , on the contrary , tend to put out more effort...

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