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Abstract & Research design and Methodology


The objective of this study is to examine the effect of public health care management and health care delivery on Cameroonians . Further , the obstacles to appropriate delivery of health services in public health facilities and their consequences on the health status of Cameroonians were analyzed

The relationship between health care management and its delivery and their effect on the health status of Cameroonians was examined by posing four supportive questions , which are elaborated upon in the sequel . The first of these examines , from a historical perspective , the relocation of

financial resources in the Public Health Care System or PHCS inadequate managerial skills in health care administrators , unsuccessful reforms to the PHCS and deterioration in the epidemiology situation

The second amongst these inspects discrepancies in access and use of public health services , mismanagement of the PHCS , the competence of health care professionals and question discusses the shortcomings of the public health care system such as disparity in access and utilization of public health services across the territory the unconcealed inadequate governance of the PHCS at the managerial and financial level and the degree to which these significant obstacles affect the effectiveness of the public healthcare system , the efficiency of the health staff and impartiality in the delivery of health services .The third question defines the implications of health , health status and quality of care and their role in the delivery of healthcare by assessing the status of Cameroonians ' health by analyzing health conditions and indicators in rural and urban areas . The main causes for this poor performance of the PHCS are financial and organizational management . The fourth and final question discusses the competency of healthcare . Several strategies have been recommended that could resolve the major pitfalls of the PHCS . Moreover , the government has to deploy adequate funds and the PHCS has to be reformed at almost every level

This research concludes that in the absence of the proper implementation of a fully decentralized integrated delivery system of care , with a strong emphasis on community participation and better financing processes , improvements to the current PHCS might not prove to be viable in the long run

This research was conducted by adopting a qualitative methodology . This task was furthered by analyzing and citing primary and secondary sources , which supported the research questions and their subsidiary questions . Several articles of the Library of Congress and books were also consulted , contemporary articles relevant to the were analyzed , textbooks and present-day essays and reports of the Ministry of Public Health and the World Health Organization were scrutinized in to extract pertinent information

This information was used in various tables to illustrate diverse allegations . A number of extremely informative and authentic sources of information are available in electronic form and some of these were accessed in to obtain such information . Some of the on line hosts from which such information was culled was Medline and the sites discovered by using search engines like Google , Yahoo , Devilfinder and Ebscohost . In addition , information obtained in...

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