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Mind Map Outline

Introduction to with a definition of ethics

Why it is essential to teach ethics - evidence of unethical behavior

Teenage pregnancies and AIDS

Substance use and abuse among underage individuals

Rave parties - harming individuals and communities



The word `ethics ' originated from the Greek word for character (or ethos ) and the Latin word for customs (or mores . In combination , these words describe how people choose to relate to

one another . In the world of philosophy , the word `ethics ' describes what is good for individuals as well as society as a whole . It further determines the nature of people 's duties toward themselves and toward the others ( Ethics Cornell University Law School , HYPERLINK "http /www .law .cornell .edu /wex /index .php /Ethics http /www .law .cornell .edu /wex /index .php /Ethics

There are many kinds of behaviors that are considered unethical but are not prohibited by law . These behaviors include betraying the confidence of friends , as well as lying ( Ethics . Needless to say all kinds of people are liable to commit unethical acts . This is the reason why many states have education codes that require teachers to be individuals of good character . Teaches may be dismissed rfor immoral or unethical conduct ( School Teaching Ethics ' Answers 2007 http /www .answers .com /school-teaching-ethics . This is because teachers who engage in unethical behaviors do nto serve as good role models for the young

It is necessary for all people to be well versed in ethics . As a matter of fact , the teaching of ethics must be made compulsory in state schools . Students in state schools are known to be suffering from a wide range of problems , e .g . teenage pregnancies and AIDS . Although the law does not prohibit underage sexual relations , it is obviuos that these relations are creating problems not only for the young people that develop them , but also for the communities that must support the young who are going through problems . Moroever , despite regulation , Despite regulation , underage college students find it easy to obtain alcohol and are more likely to binge drink than their legal-age peers (Study 2003 , Study finds alcohol control policies deter underage drinking (2003 , April . The Brown University Digest of Addiction Theory and Application . As a matter of fact , binge drinking and drug use are very common among underage individuals . As a matter of fact , young people are also facing dire consequences of substance abuse with falling grades , drunken driving accidents , sexual harassment , and violence Unsurprisingly , society views this as a serious problem , and psychologists are trying to understand substance abuse among young adults before they can hope to provide help to the individuals concerned . This effort on the part of researchers is based on the premise that we cannot solve a problem before we understand the nature of the problem . Once again , society is paying the price of the research , as well as the problems related to substance use and...

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