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The increasing number of HIV /AIDS inflicted youth is alarming , and thus urged the federal government to provide funding for sex education program that would inform the public about the current situation Factual information of the existing reality shows statistics that as early as 12 years old , young people tend to engage in sex and sexual related activities . The troubling public as the recipient of the on-going program leads to uncertainty however between comprehensive sex education and abstinence only sex education where the former tackles contraceptives that prevent spreading of

sexually transmitted disease while the latter discusses not to be engaged in any form of premarital sex

Comprehensive sex education , as the study shows , may lead to a much more horrifying consequence of getting the younger ones involved in sex activities as a result of their curiosity beyond the after being exposed with it . On the other hand , the abstinence only sex education conform the society 's norm which make the public more secure . Still both the advantages and disadvantages of these two different ideals do not supply the necessity to locate subs involved in the issue such as the scope and limitations of the sex education program and the clarity whether which one is the most appropriate...

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