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Shaving Policy for Males for US Armed Forces

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In my rush to prepare for the day , I missed a spot shaving . Of course this is a new experience for me , since I had been proudly shaving since middle school when I had but four whiskers sprouting and would ask my parents , in my 14-year-old unreliably squeaking voice , to pick up a pack of Bic shavers while they were at the grocery store . Since that time , I have produced more than my initial

four whiskers and now have too many to count . As I have developed calloused and rough hands from doing heavy duty on a daily basis , it is not impossible to miss a few spots while shaving . That is no excuse , however , for not having full and comprehensive understanding of the US Armed Forces shaving and facial hair policy for males

There will be no beards in the military , unless for health reasons . If there are health reasons for facial hair , an exemption will be authorized by the commanding officer on advice of the medical officer If facial hair is authorized by the commanding officer as recommended by the medical officer , the beard must be trimmed so that it does not exceed ?-inch in length . If granted a shaving waiver , members will not shave any facial hair , keeping it at no more than ?-inch in length

Mustaches , if authorized , will not extend below the upper lip or sideways beyond a vertical line drawn upward from the corners of the mouth . Sideburns must be neat and taper in the same manner as the haircut , be straight and even and not extend below the bottom of the exterior ear opening . Unless you are in the Navy , in which case sideburns must not extend below the middle of the ear , with no flares or mutton chops

As there are no beards in the military unless a health wavier is granted , that means no facial hair will be present at any time . All shaving will be result in an absence of facial hair from the bottom of the orbital socket to the bottom of the Adam 's apple and laterally from the jaw line distal to the ear to the opposing jaw line distal to the ear , exclusive of side burns that meet standards

To comply with shaving standards of the US Armed Forces , I will not appear unless clean shaven and will maintain policy at all times . Unless I was to have a medical reason for a shaving waiver authorized by my commanding officer on the advice of a medical officer , I should not appear without a cleanly shaven face . A cleanly shaven face demonstrates respect for the uniform and the standards of the finest military in the world . A cleanly shaven face demonstrates a high regard for military policy and a high regard for the rest of personnel in my unit . A cleanly shaven face is simply part of a soldier 's or...

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