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Human Next Corporate Communication (2010 . Top Ten Communication Topics for 2010 . HYPERLINK "http /www .communicationideas .com /employee-communication .html http /www .communicationideas .com /employee-communication .html

This article from communication ideas website belongs to the Human Next corporate company who is trying to promote their services in improving corporate communications , employee communications and so on . This is not a reliable source as the findings in this site would be very biased to promote their products and services . Apart from that , this website does not have any peer-reviews to validate its contents

Anonymous (2006

. Developing a Communications Strategy . HYPERLINK "http /www .idrc .ca /uploads /user /331Sheet01_CommStrategy .pdf www .idrc .ca /uploads /user /331Sheet01_CommStrategy .pdf

This article provides brief information on how to develop a communication strategy and it is a validated and reliable source of information as there is some evidence of research in this article and it is also found on the International Development Research Centre website which is a website that provides reliable sources of information on doing research papers

Anynomous (2008 . A New Network Advocating Communication Strategies is Created in Goree . Association for Progressive Communications . Retrieved from HYPERLINK "http /www .apc .org /en /press /new-network-advocating-communication-strate gies-cr http /www .apc .org /en /press /new-network-advocating-communication-strateg ies-cr

This article is a short information piece on the above topic . It is found on a good website , however this article should not be used as a source of information as its not a peer-reviewed article and thus is not a reliable article for research purposes...

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