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(Veil , 2001

There has been debate among the scholars belonging to these two schools of thought regarding the management of natural resources . However , it is suggested that it is not practical to follow both the concepts as anthropocentrism leads to destruction of forests while ecocentrism leads to preservation of forests and also economic backwardness . Hence , it is suggested that there is need to follow a balanced approach which should include both utilitarian and ecocentric views regarding the preservation of forest wealth (Veil , 2001 ) Some scholars have suggested that ecocentrism is too

idealistic and it is very difficult to implement this philosophy as there is need for both preservation of forest resources and material gain (Gough , Scott and Stables , 2000 ) However there has been transition from anthropocentrism to ecocentrism giving more importance to preservation of natural wealth at the cost of economic loss (McDonagh and Prothero , 1997

One can discern debate between the various scholars who supported anthropocentrism and ecocentrism . However , recently many scholars have given greater prominence to the philosophy of ecocentrism which assures greater autonomy of the nature . Ecocentrism concept is useful in protecting the forest wealth of the world


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