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The design of the Colosseum has had great impact on western architecture . The impact of the design can be seen in many modern buildings such as the western arena , the use of keystones and arches in buildings (i .e . churches , banks , etc ) and even in the building material used in buildings , and the fazade of these western buildings all take shape due to the Colosseum . In to know the full extent of this impact , and the influence of art period

's architecture , a look into the design of the Colosseum must be given . The following will seek to provide background information of the Colosseum , its structural design history , and the ways in which other famous architecture works emulate it in Western culture

In this strive for achieving perfection another architectural feat of the Romans is the Colosseum built in 72 A .D

The Colosseum was a place of praise for the Roman past time of games The Coloseeum is more appropriately entitled the Flavian amphitheatre for the Flavian dynasty in which it was built . The Colosseum is a testament to how much the Romans enjoy leisure time as well as the triumph of the human body against various forces of nature such as animals , battle , and other elemental factors

The structure of the Colosseum was mainly built of marble

The marble that originally covered the fazade was burned to make quicklime . During the Renaissance , but mostly in the Baroque age , the ruling Roman families (from which many popes came ) used it as a source of marble for the construction of St . Peter 's Basilica and the private Palazzi . A famous is in the saying Quod non fecerunt Barbari , fecerunt Barberini "What the Barbarians weren 't able to do was done by the Barberinis (one such family (Roman Architecture

The interior of the Colosseum consisted of three main parts : the arena the podium , and the cavea . The Colosseum stands mostly in ruins as a testament to the greatness of the Roman Empire

Arena is Latin for sand . Sand covered the entire floor of the building as it was a great device in the absorbing of blood , which was spilt frequently during the brutal battles that occurred the games . The similarity of this structure to western architecture is found in the simplest of forms , the ability of movement within the structures . The Colosseum is structured so that it may be empty of people in five minutes time , as are modern day football stadiums designed in such a fashion with man exiting and entering doors , sectioned compartments for sitting , and the area of sport is large in scale (although the Colosseum was much larger than the scale of a football stadium . Also , the underneath of the structure housed slaves , gladiators , animals , and other assortments for the viewing pleasure of the audience . The Romans built to impress with this structure . Not only was the building used as a way in which to...

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