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AMERICAN HISTORY I Unit V Message Board Questions

Andrew Jackson : The Common Man

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States of America . Born on the 15th of March 1767 to Scotch-Irish immigrant parents Andrew Jackson Sr . and Elizabeth Hutchinson , Andrew Jackson was the first American president to be born out of an aristocrat family (History Empire , n .d .This is one of the main reasons why I think Andrew Jackson 's presidential election was regarded as a victory for the common man - he was a common man himself . His rise from humble beginnings to high ranking positions was

inspirational to a lot of people and gave him a lot of appeal , which in turn made it possible for him to win the presidential election

Andrew Jackson was the first president outside of the original Revolutionary circle (incredible-people .com , n .d . Presidents that came before him were important figures of the revolution - well at least , in my opinion , they did more notable things than what Andrew Jackson did Jackson fought alongside common people during the revolution - with traders , farmers , etc . He was the first president to be from ' the people . Kennedy may have popularized a familiar expression , but I think Andrew Jackson was the first real man of the people ' His humble background alone is enough to consider his presidential win as a victory for the common man . How many presidents today can claim that they have been in a similar situation like Andrew Jackson ? Few I bet . As I see it most head of states...

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