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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Dis (ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Dis

Lori Lowe

Kaplan University

SS270 : Social Problems

Jennifer Worley

March 18 , 2008 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Dis (ADHD ) is a condition that appears in children while toddlers or during their early school years . Unlike other children 's diseases or diss that can be cured through medication , ADHD should be in fact considered more of a social issue and given due attention for two important reasons . The primary reason being that it is one of the most rampant diss found among

children in the U .S . considering that in a class of 25 to 30 children at least one may have ADHD , in other words , about 2 million children in the U .S . have ADHD (National Institute of Mental Health The secondary reason is that ADHD is incurable , although it is manageable through treatment , it does not so far have a cure . TOC \o "1-5 " \h \z \u

As per the latest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Diss (DSM-IV-TR ) there are three patterns of behavior indicative of ADHD (1 they show consistent inattentiveness (2 ) they are hyperactive and impulsive far more than their peers (3 ) or many have all three combined Most often these signs are visible even as early as two to three years of age and starts with hyperactivity and impulsiveness which then is gradually followed by inattention . Ironically all of these traits although at very moderate levels are seen in normal children the same age and so a thorough medical examination and accurate professional diagnosis is a must . This is more so because apart from the previous symptoms even an inattentive daydreamer , passive , slow or even disassociated detached child may be suffering from ADHD . For a proper diagnosis a foolproof medical examination is the answer . In fact , there are guidelines set down for determining ADHD based on behavioral patterns as listed in the DSM-IV-TR . One of the behavioral patterns is that these inconsistencies must appear before 7 years of age and must continue for at least 6 months . Another significant aspect of the diagnosis of ADHD is that the behavior must not be linked to stress at home due to divorce , a move , sickness , a change in school or any other significant change in their life (Kids Health for Parents

It has been apparent even from the earliest studies regarding ADHD (Sir George F . Still , lectures to the Royal College of Physicians , England that it has nothing to do with child rearing or parenting and it is entirely a genetic dysfunction . Environmental factors like the mother 's smoking and drinking during pregnancy or excessive lead ingestion can influence the severity of the dis and degree of impairment . A brain injury could also cause ADHD , although this is highly unlikely for infants . An inconclusive study regarding the role of food additives and sugar in ADHD reveals a very unpredictable stand and is not entirely reliable (NIHCD Conference Summary , 1982 Wolraich M , Milich R , Stumbo br

, Schultz F , 1985 Hoover DW...

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