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AD Evaluation


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The focal point of this is to write a 3 page essay evaluating one commercial advertisement from a popular magazine and analyze it with an evaluation of its effectiveness in light of its purpose , paying particular attention to how well its various components work together to persuade

Jean Kilbourne makes an excellent point in her portrayal of advertisement and its appearance of violence and sexually predatory nature . Blatantly sexist , implied violence and the essence of fear or dominance would

be inherent in advertisement of all s from lingerie , to jeans all the way to peanut butter . Jean Kilbourne 's essay shows us how much we ignore in the world of advertisement , which simply exemplifies that which we ignore in life as a whole . Her portrayal of the difference between perceptions of men and women in the various ads including such concepts as intimacy , violence and innocence would be such as to either cause alarm or to cause us to seriously examine the route advertisement is taking in the role of human behaviors . Human behavior is altered by stimuli outside the mind , but absorbed by that same mind . It is this absorption that must be considered when understanding the human psyche . Sexual advertisement has a tendency to increase violence done by men continuously exposed to the ads and the industry continues to use these sexual images for attention magnets . The biggest problem with this now would be the fact that now teenagers and children have become a target audience , resulting in addiction toward images and brands

Jean Kilbourne 's essay is quite an informative piece . It proves that what we see and what we get are obviously gender separate , and also can be either intimidating , or thought provoking dependent upon that gender Most , if not all , advertisement can be considered mildly offensive , no matter the implied innocence . For example , Calvin Klein 's underwear ads spark outrage to this day and yet , regardless that they are only there for a few moments or weeks even , it is enough for people to go out and buy his underwear line . This , without realizing our own actions , simply feeds the desire to continue the outrageous behaviors displayed within the advertisements . A second example , both on the feminine and masculine side of intimidation , Diet Coke advertisements of Cindy Crawford in a very short skirt drinking a Diet Coke and being ogled by men and boys of all ages and on the other side of the coin , the sweat-coated construction worker ogled by the women in their office building as he drinks the soft drink . In Jean Kilbourne 's essay she states that First , the industry spreads the sexual images using the media regardless of appropriate types of media . She cites Paris Hilton as prime example just in the year 2005

There are no doubts that Jean Kilbourne 's criticism of our efforts to put a halt to violence and even the innuendo of violence in both feminist...

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