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A perfect day for bananafish

A perfect day for banana fish

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Format : MLA

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This is an essay on the tragic event that occurs in the story and also tries to justify the reasons of the occurrence of the event

Every story has an ending that depends on the happenings of its course `A perfect day for banana fish ' by J .D . Salinger is a story with a tragic ending where the central character of the story , Seymour commits suicide by shooting his temple from a gun . The story has

a very deep plot with a lot of astute belief for the reason of it to end the way it did

The plot however leaves clues about something bizarre going to happen in the end , as the beginning conversation between Muriel and her mother does give a brief idea about Seymour 's bad mental stage and this adds a certain amount of unpredictability to the character . The whole of the story in one way indicates about failure of cerebral arena of Seymour and there is a lot uncertainty that is added to his character . Because of this capricious nature of Seymour , it is somewhere down the line expected that the climax of the story would be brought by him and the little bits and pieces in the story when joined explains the point of Seymour 's condition . As indicated between the conversation of Muriel and her mother , it becomes evident that Seymour has stayed in the army and has...

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