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A Report on the Product/Services/Promotional Strategies Offered by XYZ Company

A Report on the Product /Services /Promotional Strategies

Offered by Coca-Cola Company

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Internet has today become the default source of information . This has brought a drastic change in the marketing and services policy of businesses . Besides websites make it very convenient to place all the information the company wants to provide at one place and easily accessible to all parts of the globe . Today the genuineness of the businesses is decided by the quality of its website and the contents Good

companies are taking websites as a serious affair and realizing its potentials in sales and promotion . The advent of Web 2 .0 has opened a whole new era of interactive web and companies are enhancing the features on the website for better services . With advancements in computer graphics the appearances of the websites are enhanced each day . The objective of this report is to study how the companies structure their website for information and promotion of their products and services . The case study of the leading beverage manufacturer Coco-Cola provides a good case study . The second part of this report discuss about promoting my own business with the help of website


The company has taken developed a well planned website which ensures to satisfy all the question of its consumers to the best . It has used pleasant graphics and is updated with the current web-development trends . The website is strategically divided its into following five major segments

1 . Company Information...

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