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360 Degree Feedback and Change Management

Running Head : 360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback and Change Management

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The concept of 360-degree feedback has come of age . We no longer need to define it in conversations with executives most have themselves participated one or more times in a 360-degree process , either as feedback giver , receiver , or probably both . Books have been written about it and special issues of journals have even been devoted to it Yet ask the question : what is 360 degree feedback ' at a local Rotary Club

and it will dawn that it is not as widespread as we 'd like to think

A 360 degree feedback process is actually gathering information about a person 's behavior and how their behavior might affect the people around them in a working environment . These people could be the person 's bosses , colleagues , internal and external customers , and suppliers . The result of the 360 degree feedback is a very detailed of the person 's behavior at work . It allows organizations to take a reality check ' and thus this makes it a very good training and evaluation tool that is very popular , esp . in company retreats . While assessing a person 's behavior , the 360 degree feedback feature can be enhanced by focusing on the kind of behavior needed to be present to do a job efficiently

According to Uken (2001 ) where competency based models are used in 360 degree feedback it is ensured that the 360-degree feedback relates specifically to the competencies critical to the individual 's and the organization 's success . Increasingly , 360-degree feedback and competency modeling are becoming closely aligned (especially in their application to training and development systems . In fact , many organizations have already begun introducing competencies through 360-degree feedback questionnaires . These models are used as a instrument to find out what kind of skills are required for the business at the present moment and possibly in the future , it is perfect for first finding and then adjusting the criteria needed to meet the new found demands . The results tend to be accurate , relying on cold hard facts and they can be easily addressed . This is of great help to the employees being evaluated as they themselves can take actions necessary to avoid or rectify skill gaps or other such problems in developmental areas . Individuals will be motivated to change their behavior when they receive information , from various sources , that they are not performing optimally and because the feedback is anonymous , feedback providers feel comfortable providing honest . There is a myriad of factors that influence how individuals will react to such cricitism

This method of gathering information collectively makes it possible for organizations to compare and analyze the information across different departments , regions and even locations

It has turned into an essential element of any good leadership developmental initiative . Its use within organizations is so signification that Wimer has described it as one of the most important human resource interventions of the last decade . In a review...

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