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30 Books of the Bible

Old Testament


The overall theme of Genesis , the first book of the Old Testament and the Bible reflects on an integral part of the relationship of God and humans have as the Holy Scriptures revealed . The Book of Genesis speaks mainly of human existence and all of the complexities that come with it The book began with a preparation of the setting of the human world or the environment by which the theatrics of human life would be played out . The second part was where most of such drama unfolded . Most

of the stories of Genesis reflected the basic elements of humanity specifically with the time , space and stages of age and perception during that time

Genesis was seen by most Bible scholars as a prologue not just to a work of history (Exodus-Kings ) but in some sense to much of civilization ' This book is foundational in laying down the main theme of that unites the books of the Bible together . It serves as the introduction to the biblical world . It clears out the foundations of the basic features and dynamics of humanity in the forms of different characters that people can still currently relate to . It also reflects on the central nature of God 's power , love , kindness , faithfulness and mostly his grace that abounds in all the books of the Bible

One of the first realities of the book speaks of man 's harmony with God and under God . Even in the worst of times , harmony serves as an underlying theme because of the presence or the lack of this concept Each story like with Rebekah 's , Noah 's or Jacob 's , the book shows how in whatever circumstance and in whatever level , evil does not triumph because of God 's relationship with men . Even as the main biblical characters were being tested by so many things around them , there was still a certain sense of serenity that covered them because of the harmony with God that was present

However , despite all of these triumphs much of what happens in the book displayed a disruption of harmony brought about by sin and the consequences of sin as well as crime and punishment . Most of the time the book would reflect how the right response when sin occurs would not be a cover-up rather it needs to be exposed for what it is so that it can be forgiven and healing would take place

It is here wherein the separation from God because of sin was introduced that would be followed through in different circumstances all throughout the bible until man would finally be reunited with God in the Book of Revelations . Observations from scholars showed that despite the fact that sin separated man from God , it also showed how God became more involved with man . When Adam and Eve as well as Cain fell first showed the picture of sinful humanity it showed how God grieved about it and showed the involvement of the divine in every...

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