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1989 film `dad`

Dad (1989

Dad ' is a melodramatic movie that presents the relationship between father and son . Jake is a retired aeronautics engineer and his son Jake , is a very successful stockbroker . Jake returns home to is aged parents . Her mother , Bette , suffers a heart attack . Bette has been imposing a rigid routine for Jack to follow . Jake does nothing and continues to follow the routine over the years . Looking from the outside , this action may be loving but Jake feels that she is not his wife anymore . Her outlook on life has caused

him to follow her like a robot and well beyond his old years

John goes home and finds the condition of his father shocking . His mother will no longer be able to care of Jake because of her illness John tries his best to take care of his father . Because of the way his son runs things in the house , he responds positively by cleaning up after himself . Jake begins to socialize again and have fun . He realized what he had been missing . John and Jake rediscover the close relationship they once had

There are ethical theories that can be applied to the movie such as utilitarianism and Kantian theories . Consequentialism is an ethical theory that in which the consequences of a particular action becomes the basis for an acceptable judgment on that action . It finds the source of a moral value in a good situation and results into a consequence of that action . Many forms of consequentialism...

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