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10 short answer essay questions

Explain the role that projects play in the strategic management process - why should every project manager understand their organization 's vision , mission , and strategy

Every project manager should have a handle on the organization 's vision mission and strategy to be able to forge better plans and goals for the company , keeping in mind the limited / unlimited resources , human resources and the ever changing external environment around them . It keeps the company on an even keel with its internal and external competitors

Describe an approach to identifying and managing risk in

a multi-project environment

One approach may be Scenario Analysis where multiple analyses or alternative ways are listed and and weighed . Any identified event that may trigger an unwanted scenario is labeled as a risk and is quelled either by eliminating it , mitigating it , outsourcing it , or accepting and budgeting it accordingly

Explain the benefit of controlling project processes and project resources through a centralized Project Management Office (PMO

PMOs help in the streamlining of resources , provide structure for practices of management , and allows companies to closely monitor project expenses and progress of the projects being undertaken by the company

Describe the process and importance of developing a WBS for a project

A Work Breakdown Structure allows the managers to get a bird 's eye view of the impending work at hand and all the related processes involved It allows for the efficient organization of resources like capital manpower , and equipment as well as external variables towards the timely...

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