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`Rise of the Plagiosphere` and `Gods Little Toys`

Reaction to E . Tenner 's The Rise of the Plagiosphere and W . Gibson 's God 's Little Toys

In the article that Edward Tenner (2005 ) wrote entitled The Rise of the Plagiosphere , it is true , in a way , that in the same reason that technology had expanded the frontier of knowledge and information , it had also made way for these two to be narrower over time , as it had created a sort of wall or blockage that had prevented the expansion of the two . The tools for plagiarism detection help in the sense

that cheating would be almost unachievable for people , especially for the students . However , there are also instances when people have a hard time trying to express what they really want to because , once their work passes over Turnitin , it rather regards their as plagiarized when they knew that they are being honest with their . This leads to the thought that technology cannot do everything simply on one count There has to be portions that deal with one thing and another one for the other . If not , then it makes knowledge slack and stagnant until it becomes paralyzed

In the article that William Gibson (2005 ) wrote entitled God 's Little Toys , what he calls the sheer possibility of writing ' should also refer to some sense of originality and uniqueness in people 's work Citing references doesn 't have to mean that we copy and paste ' their works (without citing ) and refer to those sentences or paragraphs...

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