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Any honest and competent writer will tell you that the first and most challenging hurdle he or she faces is never the content to put down in writing but rather the topic to use for his piece of writing. It is the same thing for essay writers, or essayists if you will, as they always have to come up with essay topics. It is a difficult thing to come up with a topic for any piece of writing, but more so to come up with essay topics. This difficulty is borne from the fact that the topic chosen more often than not determines the flow of the essay-or the lack of flow thereof. Essentially speaking, the act of looking or rather trying to figure out essay topics should be given the seriousness it deserves; failure to this leads to shambolic work.

Apart from determining the flow of a piece of writing like an essay for instance, the essay topic chosen also determines the kind of reception readers of the essay will have to the essay just by looking at the topic chosen. In other words, the make or break point of an essay and indeed any piece of written literature is the title or topic of the same. The truth of the matter is that the thing that will make any random person go into a bookshop or a literature store and pick a material that he has never encountered in his life is the topic accorded to it.

There are many categories of essay topics, depending on what you intend to achieve by the genre of essay you are intending to write. Broadly speaking, essay topics could be categorized as persuasive essay topics, cause and effect essay topics, Christian essay topics, compare and contrast essay topics, argumentative essay topics, controversial essay topics, expository essay topics among others. The kind of effect the essay writer intends to have on the reader-bearing in mind the subject matter that the writer has in mind-should be hinged on the broad topics mentioned above.

Many times it is seen as a trivial matter but I would like to suggest that it is not. Before a writer can select an essay topic of choice, I would rather he or she took time to evaluate each of the aforementioned broad topics and then coin the essay topic that he or she feels will elicit the best response from the average reader. If it was within my prerogative to decide I could elect that the essay writers consult widely before arriving on their essay topic of choice, but I guess that is just me.

Ambiguity is one bothersome issue among students when it comes is to choosing essay topics. It should be noted that a precise essay topic is that which goes straight to the point. It helps the writer to assemble and compose ideas pretty fast and for the reader to catch on with the content just as fast. The topic should also be something which is obvious. What a reader wants to spend his or her time on is something unique. Try and surprise the writer and see how it works out for you. While composing an essay nevertheless, try and limit yourself to the context of the topic. Wandering to other irrelevant issues will only confuse you and subsequently bore the readers. What you are left with is a messy essay that can only keep a reader glued to it in the first one or two lines. If you see this happening to you, try and go back to the drawing board and come up with a topic that is easy to deal with, easy ton research for and also interesting to the reader.

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