Getting to Grips with Descriptive Essays

All the basic elements of descriptive essay topics include an introduction, body and conclusion. Descriptive essay topics require a short piece of writing that is written from the perspective of the author. An author can write an essay in any way he/she wants, but always remember to follow the basic structure or format that you are given, especially if it is part of an exam or final grade.

The basic structure

Start with the introduction first and foremost. As part of the introduction you should expose the theme for the readers. This may be a thesis, an idea, an opinion, or just the basic premise of the essay. The main body is the second part and should be used to get to the meat of the descriptive essay. So let’s say that you were doing the essay about the fishing/poaching habits of the Polish people in American rivers, then the body would hit upon the positive points, negative points, the act its self, the people involved, what the law is doing about it and the moral implications of the act from the perspective of others.

Drawing a conclusion

The conclusion should expand on a few of the observations that you made in the body, and then filter in your ideas and opinions too, showing how you came to those opinions through the body of the text. Conclude by hitting upon the most critical aspects of the issue at hand, and use your own writing (in the body of the text) to back you up. So with the previous example, you could claim justification on your opinion of the subject, because the police also feel the same about it.

The aim of your essay is not to convince people of a subject, nor is it to prove that your opinions are correct through research. The aim is to simply enlighten the reader about the subject at hand. This means that your responses to descriptive essay topics should not be based on your opinion - nevertheless you are allowed to voice your opinion at the same time.

50 Descriptive Essay Topics:

  1. Your next door neighbour
  2. A very irritating television host
  3. Your back yard
  4. A country scene
  5. How are the southern economies coping with the global economic downturn?
  6. How does it feel going down Niagara falls?
  7. African poverty has improved in many ways
  8. In 10 years the Chinese will outnumber Europe
  9. My first love
  10. The best curry houses in New York
  11. How do dogs show emotions?
  12. Can a man love a car?
  13. Can hope be described?
  14. House building is easy
  15. Fire is the elemental form of a virus
  16. The saddest days in the eyes of the French
  17. How to open a Spanish bar in New York
  18. Openness will kill a relationship but save a marriage
  19. My favourite ring
  20. Meeting Tom Cruise was a dream fulfilled
  21. A day in prison
  22. Can an annoying stepchild be told to shut up without crying?
  23. My favourite part of a woman
  24. Love can last forever, so long as it does not involve a partner
  25. The best art besides the Thames
  26. My favourite movies
  27. My brush with death
  28. Can life be quantified?
  29. The best places to buy art in Colorado
  30. Bank managing and risk control
  31. How to lose yourself in love and then lose your beloved
  32. Crisps…..the crunchy killer
  33. The best age to join the army
  34. The worst case scenario for air taxis
  35. The best types of mattress
  36. Which vacuum cleaner is the best?
  37. The best burglar alarm on the market
  38. Bookmarking is better than Google
  39. How to charm a stranger
  40. Writing techniques that make for better reading
  41. Marriage is good for some and poison for others
  42. Happy people live longer
  43. Hippies were a reaction to colour tv
  44. Life is easier now days
  45. Pensions are getting bigger and spending habits are increasing
  46. Home invasion is worse than mugging
  47. The best pets to have in Miami
  48. How to shine your car
  49. The best pipe bending machinery in North America
  50. Holiday homes are better than paying for hotels.

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