Controversial Essay Topics

There are very many ways in which an essayist can grab the attention of the readers, but certainly none more so than using topics that are controversial. Controversial essay topics are basically topics that elicit emotion and are confrontational in nature. Essentially speaking, they do polarize people. These topics are usually meant to build a health confrontation from matters that are prevailing and held close to our hearts such that anyone trying to suggest a different perspective will tend to initiate a natural but rebellious attitude towards the reader, and at the same time trying to compel them to believe in your own view.

These issues are usually divergent and will have very distinct explanations. What one talks as the truth of that matter maybe the opposite of what the other person takes it to be. One may create a title making very sensitive allegations that will by no doubt elicit concerns and opposition. In many times, the topics are seen to borrow widely from religious issues, matters affecting our social life and societal beliefs, political affiliations and stances built upon the beliefs of theses divergent political views. People coming up with controversial essays should be ready to cope with whatever the reactions the readers will bring out as there is usually no easy way out of a controversy. The ready may be of a very questionable point of view and it is your job to voice out your concerns and defend what you think should be the case.

Essentially, controversial essays are a way of attracting attention to yourself and to your ideologies by pointing what many of your targeted readers may deem to be virtually impossible. Though you may not be in a position to manipulate their school of thought, you should at least try and bring to their attention that what they may have portrayed as the sure truth may in fact be questionable. This can only be done through developing a catchy topic.

Controversial essay topics include some of the following:

  • Abortion should be illegalized under all circumstances
  • Adoption laws barring a single man from adopting a young girl should be revised
  • Anybody should be free to advertise anything he wants in any manner he wants to
  • Alternative medicine should be allowed in all cases
  • Nudism should be a crime by law in all states
  • Anyone caught in pedophilic acts should be jailed for life
  • Tattoos should not be allowed on high school students
  • Anybody polluting the environment should be prosecuted in a court of law
  • Violent students should be expelled from schools and colleges
  • Sex before marriage shouldn’t be allowed under any circumstance
  • Any form of sexual harassment at the work place should be punished by demotion or sacking
  • Smoking laws should allow minors to smoke in their parents’ presence
  • Surrogate mothers should be actively involved in the family of the child
  • Any form of discipline arising from teen pregnancies should be left to the parents’ discretion
  • A single day of the week should be made the vegetarianism day
  • All children should have their parents choose video games for them
  • Anyone found committing a racism crime should be jailed for life
  • There should never be anything like world religion but rather freedom of worship
  • The legal drinking age should be lowered to 16
  • Landmines should never be used unless it is wartime
  • Anyone citing insanity as a defense in court should be treated as very sane
  • Homeschooling should be abolished in all states
  • Health reform should be a personal choice and decision
  • Any industry guilty if global warming should be fined heavily
  • Gays should be dismissed from the military
  • There should be nothing like a minimum wage on any firm or company
  • Free condoms should be offered to all students in all learning institutions
  • Any man guilty of domestic violence should be jailed for life
  • Evolution shouldn’t be taught in colleges and universities
  • Any person found guilty of rape should be castrated
  • The elderly people should receive government subsidies on all their goods and services
  • Anyone with an eating disorder should be admitted into a nutrition institution
  • Dress codes should be implemented for teachers and lecturers
  • All cults should be banned from existence
  • Cloning should be allowed by law but only in animals
  • Child abuse should be punishable by 10 years in prison
  • Overpopulation should never be seen as a problem
  • There should never be a maximum number of children that one may have
  • Capital punishment should only be for murderers
  • Breast cancer patients should be treated by the state
  • Battered women deserve full compensation and more from their batterers
  • Atheism should be allowed by law
  • Assisted suicide should never be condoned under any circumstance
  • Animal experiments should only be allowed on wild animals
  • Anyone violating animal rights should be jailed for two years
  • Campus students shouldn’t repeat classes in campus
  • Anybody caught in an act of bestiality-sex with an animal-should be castrated
  • Anybody convicted of murder should never meet his family members
  • Pornographic literature should be banned from all academic institutions
  • Students caught cheating in exams should be expelled promptly from school

Controversial essay topics can be used to effectively build a reader’s interest if they are phrased in a way that elicits concern upon the reader.

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