Compare and contrast essay topics

Compare and contrast essay topics involve bringing together two different items and comparing them. The subjects for comparison are fairly unlimited, and may involve things such as opinions, places, political ideals, people or objects. The aim is to identify the similarities within the two chosen items, and difference in the compare and contrast essay topics you choose.

Essay structure

There are two ways you can structure your comparative essay. You can do it point by point or block by block. Your choice will often depend on the subject matter at hand. If the two have a lot of similarities or differences, then it may be wiser to do a point by point essay. If your subjects have few similarities or differences, then a block by block essay is probably best.

Point by point or block by block?

A block by block essay involves taking a lot of information about one item, such as in a paragraph or chapter, and then a lot of information about the other item, and then concluding in a different section (chapter, paragraphs, heading) and pointing out the similarities and differences. A point by point essay would describe the two items side by side and then point out the similarities or differences straight away before moving onto the next similarity/difference/slab of information.

A point by point essay is quite easy when writing compare and contrast essay topics, because you can write notes about each item, and point out the differences and similarities as you research. In those cases it is then a case of simply typing up your notes into a coherent essay. A block by block version will involve heavy research into one item, which you write about, then equivalent research about the other item, which you write about, and then draw a conclusion. This usually involves going over your research and taking notes on the differences and similarities so you can conclude with them in the same order that they are addressed in your work.

50 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics:

  1. Van Gogh vs. Dali
  2. Plus sized models vs. beauty contests
  3. Hedge Funds or High Interest Bank Account
  4. Queen Elizabeth II vs. Barack Obama
  5. Self-employment vs. employment
  6. Prom night vs. Halloween
  7. Being bored vs. being scared
  8. Outdoor sports vs. computer games
  9. Music versus books
  10. Formula One vs. horse racing
  11. Australia vs. New Zealand
  12. Antique hunting vs. visiting a museum
  13. Beef farmer vs. vegetarian
  14. Favorite pet vs. best friend
  15. Haiku vs. Sonnet
  16. James Bond vs. Harry Potter
  17. Osama Bin Laden vs. Adolf Hitler
  18. High school sweetheart vs. Internet dating
  19. Yerevan vs. Sydney
  20. Anorexia vs. Obesity
  21. Distance learning vs. college classes
  22. Script writing vs. song writing
  23. Muhammad Ali or Tyson in their prime, who would have won?
  24. Aspen or the Swiss Alps?
  25. Monogamy or polygamy?
  26. Cats vs. Dogs vs. Kids
  27. Red wine or white wine?
  28. Drinking on a weekend or during the week?
  29. Double glazing or triple glazing?
  30. Smoking pipes or smoking cigs
  31. Nature or progress
  32. Village or city
  33. Quiet cats or loud dogs
  34. Is a bed bug like a dust mite?
  35. Too much calcium vs. too little
  36. Can you tell real leather from faux leather?
  37. Real diamonds vs. Cubic Zirconia
  38. Which toothbrush makes teeth last longer?
  39. Having money vs. having love
  40. The best hotels in Vegas
  41. Car vs. Bike
  42. Fast food vs. ready meals
  43. The weight of celebrities vs. their popularity
  44. Carbon offsetting or energy saving?
  45. Religious belief vs. the uncertainty of death
  46. Real butter vs. fake butter
  47. Gun control vs. harsher punishments for misuse
  48. Selective breeding or natural selection
  49. Good times or a longer life?
  50. Openness or lies when it comes to getting a job.

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