College essay topics

College essay topics usually revolve around college life and experiences. They also touch on the academic and day to day changes in human life. The social, economic as well as political environments might at times also make significant contributions in this area. Whenever this kind of work pops up, the sure thing that is needed from these kinds of essays is the ability we have to express ourselves from the personal point of view. What is need from this is for you to be true to yourself and give facts that have actually happened to you and avoiding a mock up imagined events and fantasies. Creativity in this sense only applies in your ability to point out the most interesting experiences you’ve had in college rather than the power of your imagined scenarios which may render your essay as just a junk of wishful thinking.

Another thing being tested here is coherence and one’s individual ability to put his or her thoughts in order in a way that readers other than the writer can get the intended idea as the writer would have liked it understood. This means that while choosing this kind of an essay, you should put down something that will lead to the creation of an essay that will let your writing skills shine or stand out above the rest.

These topics are also supposed to guide you into formulating an essay that won’t be hard to structure. The layout of an essay shouldn’t be exaggerated or way too complex for an average person to follow through. All that is being asked of you is formulate logical sentences, paragraphs and subtopics that bring out the content of your interests in life, your ideologies and feelings. This will lead to concise work which is enjoyable to read and depicts the true inner you.

Below are fifty examples of college essay topics.

  • College application experience
  • The unprofessional professor
  • Student leadership reshuffle
  • Causes of exam irregularities in college
  • Why some colleges are rated higher than others
  • Common examination bodies in America
  • Which are the best business schools in the world?
  • College security
  • Technology levels in college
  • Managing college and working
  • College relationships
  • Drinking habits in college and their implications
  • Moral standards required by college administration
  • Summer trips
  • The history of education
  • How to get to your dream college
  • How to overcome the college waves
  • Remaining top in all you do
  • The dress code choice in college and why?
  • Drug addiction and drug trafficking
  • Remaining relevant among your peers
  • Technicalities in changing from one college to the other
  • Organizing social events for students
  • Life experiences gained outside classwork
  • Best clubs in college
  • How to meet ones expenses in college
  • What is college
  • What processes are involved in getting a place in college
  • The ride in a college bus
  • Becoming a college professor
  • Internship programs
  • The bullies people bowed to
  • Belonging to social groups
  • Building a wall of protection for oneself
  • The hikes and camping activities
  • The library experience
  • Borrowing reference books from the library
  • Becoming a role model student
  • The nightmare of being new in a college
  • Dating and love life
  • What should be changed in your college
  • College policies
  • Significance of education
  • How does one become a product of their environment
  • The changes education brings to a person
  • The role of colleges in society
  • Peer pressure and its effects
  • Intellectual life and personal growth
  • The job market after college
  • Importance of networking

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