FC ) running on locally produced hydrogen would diminish fossil fuel dependence , reduce environmental impact and potentially reduce operation and maintenance costs (Zoulias et al , 2006 . The replacement of conventional technologies , namely diesel generators and /or batteries by hydrogen technologies including fuel cells in RE based stand-alone power systems is technologically feasible , reduces emissions , noise and fossil fuel dependence and increases RE penetration . Dumped excess energy is also reduced in such power systems (Zoulias and Lymberopoulos , 2007 . The fuel cell running...
words: 2181
pages: 8
Quantitative utilitarianism 's point of view , the moral action that must be taken is the action that will result in the greatest amount of pleasure and minimum amount of pain . Basing from this belief , it can be said that the majority or many will most likely have the advantage because the greater the number of individuals involved will mean greater quantitative value . Still , this will not always be the case since different pain and pleasures have different values . Given that...
words: 1691
pages: 7
W 3 0 q` 9 2 P o M H 1 XW R H _s B T A 5 eEM 9 ?` 5R M Z b - eHu N .\ 96 VR Y ` zu S jT i v 5 R yd j R v :q I2 f y /d n -]f c V F ` M hY u 3Q \ Rnx Xt...
words: 2464
pages: 9
G f N E ` Ni g D3i x ?-o 7 P Bp [ 2 ya c A 2 j P kU b UlG 9 e o B t 6 J 7u L 1 k GD a PK word /header1 .xml T n 0 m A D U _5 V ` o '8M ([d 3 XIj g4 - a e6jy a /\ a...
words: 946
pages: 4
gF sL R k 0 e z ` 4 4 J T d [ 7 1 mG J Q R 1 ] Er VF a H c bh t :R 1yd 4 A j zF G 3 l Dx Am v N r 1 6 Qt zc Y U c5r i B Kg Ij mO r E2 T \ D K...
words: 2268
pages: 9
T [ j5 R Mu Us 4g ,RP sV C\ F ` 4 m yJ S g e O h j k D 5 L mct e O 2 \ 0 8P R1m 3 C s p 0 W J t k 7 J S G OjU S e wr o \ p u X- 0 (5b S l q )bI...
words: 1143
pages: 5
However , I am addicted to energy drinks such as NOS and Monster . These energy drinks contain a ton of caffeine ! The lo-carb Monster drink that I enjoy has about 160mg of caffeine per 16 ounces . The NOS drink that I drink the most has about 260mg of caffeine per 16 ounces (Energy Fiend , 2009 . That is actually a startling fact...
words: 1334
pages: 5
Talk Origins , 2004 ) Whereas the jaws on apes protrude greatly , the jaws of Lucy and Australopithecus afarensis protrude less (and for humans even less of a protrusion . Lucy appears to be the ``middle man ' between apes and humans again . DeWaal once commented that "the most significant difference between Lucy and modern chimpanzees is found in their hips , not their craniums...
words: 1185
pages: 5
He claimed that vitamin C was a panacea , useful as a preventative and treatment for all kinds of diseases , including cancer . His advocacy of "orthomolecular medicine " the use of large doses of vitamins and other natural substances to regulate the body 's molecular structure , made him a hero to health food enthusiasts , but it raised grave doubts among many of...
words: 1226
pages: 5
On the other hand , the signs and symptoms of DMT1 and DMT2 are both related to the two principal components of diabetes (1 ) hyperglycemia and (2 ) hypoinsulinemia . DMT1 commonly presents its condition with the classic manifestations of polydipsia , polyphagia and polyuria . Physiologically , the three principal signs of DMT1 are extremely integrated and fostered by the body 's sympathetic natural response...
words: 10526
pages: 39
They also determine the racial affiliation of particular remains . They classify the remains according to biological components and it is on the basis of social affiliations . People believe that the face tells the race of the person but bones can also be used to determine the race of the person . The structures of the bones are what are mainly used...
words: 2071
pages: 8
Inman , who took a bullet that has gone through Veasey . He was wounded , but it wasn 't fatal . He played dead , and was buried along with the others in a mass grave . At this point , Inman realizes that he was still lucky , and would still be able to continue with his journey . He was sure that he 'd die right...
words: 565
pages: 3
There are various attitudes to cycling that should be considered by Bob in the London market (See figure 3 . This result was based on the study conducted by TFL Omnibus Survey in 2007 . Most of the perception of the individuals with regards to cycling is its economic , personal and health benefits . Figure 3 Attitude towards Cycling Based on the analysis...
words: 795
pages: 3
American fast food meals , and such . The decision to eat at a Japanese restaurant for lunch follows inductive reasoning . I thought that since my friends and I have been complaining about the usual American food we have been eating during the previous weeks , we ought to eat some place where the food is entirely different from American food . When I...
words: 981
pages: 4
Astin 's theory is , for me , inadequately defined . Astin might have seen this drawback since he devoted a section of his article to possibilities in research which are as follows (1 ) assessing different forms of involvement (2 ) quality versus quantity (3 ) role of peer groups (4 ) attribution and locus of control (5 ) the connection between particular forms of involvement and...
words: 465
pages: 2
This technique extended towards World War II when airplanes were utilized for conducting bombing raids or assessing damage to the target (Short , 2008 . With the introduction of rockets and eventually satellites , monitoring of ground military and political activities became likely . This was called the Period of Spy Satellites . When man found a way to reach space , satellites have been alternately...
words: 4008
pages: 15
Allegorically , ``Gatsby ' is indicative of envy , greed and lust . Beneath the surface of Nick 's apparent contentment with his station in life , one can make an argument that he is at least to some extent envious of the spoils that Gatsby has before him in the form of adoration of others , stylish living and a seemingly carefree existence . Greed is...
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pages: 2


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