This brings together the legal frequencies and the unregistered ones . While this may pose a security problem , the case is in fact the contrary . Because of the regulated nature of Wi-Max , unscrupulous activities that intrude and deny security for users is easily eliminated (Wolleben , 2005 ) Another thing that makes Wi-Max secure is the main feature itself : decrease in interference . It is a considerably positive fact that when there is less or no interference , the signals and frequency flow in unison...
words: 977
pages: 4
Local economies are far more likely to produce stable and satisfied communities and to protect nature than any system based on a theoretically constant expansion of production and consumption and the eternal movement of commodities across thousands of miles of land and sea . This does not mean that all trade is undesirable only that its role must be limited to providing those things that cannot be provided locally . Contrary to what global economics tell us , import substitution , that is , the...
words: 1981
pages: 8
M W1 y F k `M 4 N 0n8 h6 42 6] 5 t o T HH S X q ?p1 f i Sk U d y f 8 9Q f 4 0W l ` 5 b w G lN !NB O 0 G b F Q Mg30 ] F x 7 "h o5j 1 C )nb 2 z Mc u...
words: 426
pages: 2
The United States restored the quality of water in their rivers , lakes and streams , set a new course based on cooperation within the entire watershed and involving people throughout the region . The country has made a significant progress in this regard . Over the past 25 years the USA have invested in the fight against water pollution literally billions dollars . In...
words: 1395
pages: 6
Rhind Mathematical Papyrus discovered in Thebes in mid 19th century . This discovery was bought by Alexander Henry in 1856 and upon his death it was sold to British Museum in 1865 . Translation of the language to English was done in 1923 in the University of Liverpool . Other countries for example Germany bought the mathematical papyrus and later by Moscow hence...
words: 609
pages: 3
Downloading audio and video s , internet browsing , and accumulating a huge bulk of personal e-mails can slow down the speed of the network . Likewise , downloading and sharing of s may make the network susceptible to viruses (McHardy , Giesbrecht , and Brady 3 . Finally , employers resort to workplace monitoring because Internet access can result in a decline of productivity level of the...
words: 2409
pages: 9
Although there are already treatments prescribed to address the seasonal affective dis , there might be better treatments that will be discovered if the dis is scrutinized in a deeper perspective . Further researches may also lead to the development of preventive measures for the disease . The proposal of Tonello to utilize the holistic approach for a more comprehensive understanding of the...
words: 246
pages: 1
One can see how this simple label marks people in different ways . For instance , imagine someone 's reaction on receiving an email from the address b .gates microsoft .com . The .com means it is most probably to be a commercial company , while microsoft signifies famous software company , and could b .gates really mean one of the richest persons in the...
words: 2689
pages: 10
Consequently , it is therefore imperative for researchers and developers to determine functions that users want to perform anytime from anywhere can be integrated into the mobile gadgets and be readily accessible in meeting end users demands . Tarasewich , P , Nickerson , R Warkentin , M (2001 . The engineering of any function able interface to any application is therefore critical . Most e-commerce websites for...
words: 14990
pages: 55
They are cheaper to construct as they cut the costs for insulation and the gutter . One challenge of the use of green materials is that the purchasing costs are high , though it is only high in the short run . Another challenge is that many people who do not like embracing change do not want to experiment with new products (Wells...
words: 1114
pages: 5
Vaubel , 2005 , p .280 . Such an opposition can be seen as a result of the political fragmentation which occurred in Italy and Germany during the 1600 's . Political fragmentation in Italy and Germany enabled the rise of music in several ways . According to Vaubel (2005 ) this may be traced to the ``increase in demand of musical competition and performance (p...
words: 638
pages: 3
RFID tags and interrogators to a common spec . Moreover , the standardization has given potential RFID customers a sense of security as it guarantees that tags and interrogators made by one manufacturer can work with tags and interrogators from any other manufacturer . It is clear how standardization is driving adoption . With a definite RFID standard , it is now possible to have...
words: 1870
pages: 7
RMI : The Java programming language has in-built support for the distributed component-based computing model . This support is provided by RMI . It is the Java standard for distributing the components . RMI allows components written in Java to communicate with other Java components that reside on different physical machines . For this purpose , RMI provides a set of Application Programming Interface (API ) calls...
words: 2582
pages: 10
Production workers are trained to meet the target number of products within the specified period . This is followed by analysing the demand for the product and planning the number of units to be produced after the launch and the supply chain is drawn out based on the estimates for demand and production . After designing the supply chain and estimating the...
words: 1053
pages: 4
Last but the most important is eavesdropping or spying by other companies that could give them an advantage over your company . Next potential risk is quality of service . In VoIP systems , voice is transmitted as data packets through your network . And when your network is congested or there is too much data being transmitted through the network at the same...
words: 832
pages: 4
Our staff are in important frontline positions in the prison and their security and well-being must remain an important priority of the prison Administration . Corrections Officers (CO ) have been subject to recent attacks and improvements to their overall position within the prison should focus on making their lives more secure and their position less vulnerable to assault . In a variety...
words: 338
pages: 2
This can also be customized according to needs by the business . But based from the study , there are really some proven and effective study that shows how computer application impacts the workplace . Like in New Zealand , there have been identified benefits for computer technologies in the workplace that is continually being studied which has been seen a potential factors that...
words: 2361
pages: 9


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