This means that the land area has double purpose . Also , windmill farms attracts tourist . This will permit extra income on the owners of the windmill farm . Other benefit that is achieved in windmill is the ease in supplying electricity on remote area . When using windmill energy on remote area , it does not need anymore long transmission wires . This means that less cost is achieved because no need to purchase transmission wire . There were many studies conducted to determine the feasibility...
words: 1941
pages: 8
Regarding security , Evans Data found that proprietary database servers are more likely to have suffered a security breach in the past year than their open-source brethren (Vaas , 2005 . CONCLUSION Given the increasing popularity of open-source software , there is a clear indication that it will dominate the field of database management soon . Economics would force a growing demand on the low cost value of open-source database . All the open-source software has to do is to stand the test of time , dispel...
words: 1087
pages: 4
Running Head : Data Analysis and Database design : A Research proposal report on Data Analysis and Database design model Projects I plan to undertake at Swansea Met University : Name : Course : Tutor : Date : A Research proposal report on Data Analysis and Database design models Projects I intend to undertake at the university : Introduction : I am a Student at Swansea met University . I...
words: 474
pages: 2
Communication Engineering At Swansea Metropolitan University , I am planning to enrol for BA program having majors in Communication Engineering . My plan for my project during my tenure at Swansea Metropolitan University is R .F .I .D FOR communication purpose . The R .F .I .D can be used for Bus Route Application , Inventory Application , Attendance Register , Security Application , and other communication...
words: 365
pages: 2
Reading head : INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION Ford Pinto (1971 ) Industrial Accident Investigation : Report to the Official Accident Investigation Board Your name Institution Course name Instructor name Date Ford Pinto (1971 ) Industrial Accident Investigation : Report to the Official Accident Introduction Serious problems have been reported with the Ford Pinto car in general , and have thus sparked a careful analysis into the matter...
words: 1865
pages: 7
Running head : ENGINEERING Michael Faraday Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Abstract Michael Faraday is a science hero , who made remarkable contribution to the field of electrical engineering as a result of his studies on the direct current and electromagnetic fields . Michael Faraday is a British physicist and chemist who made major discoveries of electromagnetic induction in addition to the laws...
words: 1204
pages: 5
Abstract The main objective of this quantitative study was to examine the cost and time performance of infrastructure projects implemented in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT ) of Abuja in Nigeria . Baseline data for projects implemented from 1979 to 2010 was collected . Using principles of earned value management (EVM , the cost and time performance of all the projects was assessed using...
words: 286
pages: 2
[Title] [Name] [Course Title] [University] [Instructor Name] [Date] MATERIALS USED IN A SPORTS CAR This paper discusses some of the materials that make up a car and differentiates between good and bad materials to use for a sports car . A sports car such a Lamborghini Gallardo is a very low down , light and compact sports car with an extremely aerodynamic...
words: 662
pages: 3
It is necessary e .g . to allow 'etc / password to appear on websites but to detect its appearance within the Uniform Resource Locator (URL ) of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP . The advantages of protocol analysis are to allow a more exact inspection and to have the potential of detecting unknown attacks . But on the other hand , this approach requires one...
words: 22547
pages: 82
Heaters Customer Inserts His /her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor 's Name 19 August 2010 INTRODUCTION As the name implies , heaters are those thermostatically controlled devices that are employed for heating matter i .e . solid , liquid and gas . In the past , humans could not think of the ease to cook , wash , manufacture , melt , wash , which is present...
words: 918
pages: 4
Running head : TURBOCHARGER Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Materials (Turbocharger ) Andrew Kallis College Name Professor Name Course Name Contents : Turbocharger and its working : Components of Turbocharger : How Pressure increases in Turbocharger : Waste gate Functionality of Turbocharger : How Anti-surge or blow off valves work : Design requirements of Turbocharger : Development : Matching : Testing : Containment test : Low-Cycle Fatigue Test (LCF test : Rotor dynamic measurement : Start-stop...
words: 2950
pages: 11
A Water Filled Radiator for Domestic Heating Product Requirement As the winter sets in its time for all of us to look for space heaters that causes less inconveniences and inefficiencies compared to the conventional ones . Most of the older ones available in the market is found to consume considerable amount of energy and also result in skyrocketing the energy...
words: 1505
pages: 6
[Name] [Class Number] [Section] [Instructor] [Date] OPERATING SYSTEM - MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM Table of Contents Introduction to Operating System 3 Multimedia : A Working Definition 3 Characteristics of Multimedia Data and System 4 Issues and Concepts Related to Multimedia System 6 Compression 6 CPU Scheduling 7 Disk Scheduling 8 Conclusion 10 Works Cited 11 1 . Introduction to Operating System An operating system (OS...
words: 2026
pages: 8
Technology , Sustainability and Society While the development of technology has brought many benefits to society , the costs it delivers to society and the natural environment are now beginning to become too high ? The technology has strong cultural influence . And this is obvious from the historical evidences reported from Europe across different time spans . The Europeans traveled widely to majority of...
words: 1154
pages: 5
China 's car market Insert Your Name Course Instructor Course Name 11 Aug 2010 China 's car market Introduction China 's economic growth has come to be considered as the economic miracle of the 21st century . The country has enjoyed a two digit sustained economic growth for the last decade and , as things stand , this growth may not abate anytime...
words: 968
pages: 4
Since most greenfields turn to be residential areas , many lands intended for agriculture and natural reserve become extinct . At present , greenfields housing development maybe sustainable as there is enough allocated sites for housing developments . However , with the increasing numbers of households due to migration , and the acute needs of housing , Cardiff is facing a potential shortage of green fields or...
words: 3135
pages: 12
Electronic Production and Test Student 's Name : Presented to : Subject : Date : Virtual Instrumentation Instruments are widely used in industries to accumulate and record data in working environment , and /or from a component under test , and finally to display useful information to a user on the basis of such accumulated and recorded data . A number of instruments make use of transducers...
words: 1413
pages: 6


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