Siau , 2003 , p . 290 . Calegari et al (2005 ) have provided an extensive explanation and s on the desired capabilities of the SOA design proposed for Federated Systems . s on the export schema and filtering process are provided in to sustain the desired capabilities . SOA had been used in many enterprises and fields and this study has even provided wide possibilities for developing the querying and integration processes that have not been highly focused by other related works particularly by Alvarez...
words: 1278
pages: 5
Operations in the message passing libraries were enabled for example the send and receive operations . Collective computation has also been made easy by message passing . It is where data is collected by one member of a group from other members and operations such as min ,max ,multiply etc are performed on the data . Through the establishment of message passing libraries , it has been possible to improve the performance of programs written using libraries of message passing . Message passing concurrency synchronizes...
words: 1182
pages: 5
Object Relational Database Model (ORDBMS ) The main aim of launching this model was to avail the benefits of both object-oriented and relational models . For example , getting scalability and rich data types , both in the same system . It has been developed by incorporation of the object-oriented features in the relational database model some data are stored in tables and some as...
words: 1799
pages: 7
Running head : CONCEPT MAPPING AND THESIS STATEMENT Concept Mapping and Thesis Statement [Author 's Name] [Tutor 's Name] [Class] Abstract The topic of the paper is concept mapping . Two concept maps are provided , discussing the concepts of cybersafety and spyware . The definition of concept mapping is provided . The purposes and advantages of concept mapping are discussed . The paper includes personal...
words: 724
pages: 3
Running head : COMPUTER SCIENCE Predefined Security Templates Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Predefined Security Templates Predefined security templates are used in the creation of security policies which can be specifically customized to meet the needs of different organizations . After templates are customized with security templates snap-in , they can be used to configure security of one or more computers . Security templates...
words: 309
pages: 2
HTML format , then MIDlets will be described in terms of Java Descriptor (JAD . In such a case , these MIDlets will essentially run through its own management software , which in this case shall provide a good operating environment to these MIDlets with which they can run through (Mahmoud , 2002 . Such MIDlets will however remain undestroyed after they are run through but...
words: 853
pages: 4
Security Active Directory Name of Student Student Number Course Lecturer 's Name Date Abstract There is nothing that is more traumatizing in any given business than the thought of having the organization 's information stolen , corrupted or maliciously destroyed by individuals or other programs while online . Network security is an essential thing in the organization and different people should be...
words: 613
pages: 3
Provide highly revamped computerized systems for its franchises so that the era of digitization is spread and to a large extent the various perspectives are matched for greater detail . It would also provide better interface with the customers as the queries shot would have a defined result and would interpret the right kind of inventory details at any point of...
words: 9436
pages: 35
Network Active Directory Security Name of Student Student Number Course Lecturer 's Name Date Abstract Security for all online transactions is an essential requirement for organizations . It requires that the person or the organization to be up to date with the current security trends in the world . To achieve this , organizations as well as individual have to keep investing in...
words: 551
pages: 3
Running head : COMPUTER SCIENCE NET vs . Java Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Both Java and Net technologies aim at transforming software complexity in addition to moving it away from developers and making it easy for them to focus on the business logic . In order to achieve this end , Java and Net technologies offer a managed execution ground , a rich set...
words: 874
pages: 4
Universal , 24-hour-a-day access to a centralized processing and distribution system is the hallmark of e-retail . A well-designed Web site provides the customer greater ease and speed in access , shopping , and buying than physical stores do . In addition , Web technology allows companies to personalize the shopping experience by guiding the consumer to parts of the site that are in line with...
words: 26429
pages: 97
Running Head : COMPUTER SCIENCE Ethics Essay : Professional Computing Ethics Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Ethics Essay : Professional Computing Ethics The Australian Computer Society (ACS ) is a professionally recognized association in Australia that deals with individuals and organization who are active players in Information and Communication Technology (ICT . In ensuring that the ICT professionals ' standing is raised and that the different...
words: 1634
pages: 6
Running head : Distributed database security Student name Student number Course Title Lecturer Outline : 1 Title page 2 Distributed database securities 3 References . Introduction Database management system usually runs at the top of operating system which provides security services to the database in the system . The following are some of the features need to be observed in operating system : memory and...
words: 913
pages: 4
Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date "Open Table " The article , Restaurateurs Find Opportunities in New Technology on Memphis DailyNews gives details on openTable .com , which is a web-based application for reservation and table management services in restaurants . The article provides the benefits of online reservations . Most of the information on the benefits of open table is given from the point of...
words: 554
pages: 3
Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Professional Computing Ethics Controversies surrounding ethical computing are numerous . The debates have been raging on even as the Australian Computer Society outlines standards for ethical practices with regard to computing . The Australian computer society has clear and understandable code of ethics which stipulates what it considers as ethical behavior , however , this has not stop the...
words: 1795
pages: 7
Developing an educational game for mobile phone using Google Android By A Thesis Submitted for the Masters Degree in Science DECLARATION I , declare that this thesis is submitted by me in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the MSc . in Multimedia and eLearning programme of the Waterford Institute of Technology . This is entirely my own work except where otherwise accredited...
words: 7291
pages: 27
THE INSTANT MESSAGING (IM ) USER POLICY This Policy is made on behalf of the Human Resource Management with the assistance of a Corporate Attorney and no reliance should be made on this policy without a legal consent . This Instant Messaging (IM ) policy applies to all Company Employees and all the information communicated through the Company 's internal IM system . Its...
words: 314
pages: 2
System Security Criteria : Class C2 and B3 Student 's name Instructor Date : System Security Criteria : Class C2 and B3 Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC ) is applied in classifying and evaluating the computer security in any given system especially where sensitive information is involved . For that reason any organization such as Medical Credential Company has to initially consider a few...
words: 564
pages: 3


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