PAN . Bluetooth allows you to connect and exchange information between devices like personal digital assistants (PDAs , mobile phones , laptops , computers , printers and digital cameras via a secure , low cost , the globally available radio frequency short range . Bluetooth enables these devices to communicate among them when they come in range , even if they are not in the same room , as long as they are up to 100 meters (328 feet ) on the other , depending on the class power product . Products are...
words: 2821
pages: 11
Conducting the histochemistry assay involves a number of steps (Harlow and Lane , 1999 . First , spleens should be dissected from experimental and control mice , fixed with paraformaldehyde and then embedded in paraffin wax . Wax blocks are then trimmed and sectioned using a microtome . Alternatively , fixed tissue may be frozen and sectioned with a cryostat . Once sections are on slides , wax must be dissolved by passing slides through an organic substance such as xylene followed by rehydration through an ethanol :water series...
words: 1011
pages: 4
In the aspect of understanding his or her personality , the perspective of interactionism gives out a critical analysis of the subject including his or her reasons , motivation and influential factors that affect his or her development of such personality . For this analysis , this author will generally focus on the personality of the modern youth particularly those contrasting personalities in their...
words: 574
pages: 3
Title : DITSCAP / Orange Book DITSCAP / Orange Book The difference between the Orange Book and the DITSCAP is that the Orange book depends on the information that comes from the computer software that are within the computer information systems for them to perform their tasks and to achieve their intended objectives (Lee , 1999 . On the other hand , DITSCAP gives a ground...
words: 671
pages: 3
RUNNING HEAD : STEALING THE INTERNET STEALING THE INTERNET Customer Name Customer Grade Course Tutor 's Name 24th , August , 2010 Stealing of the internet Introduction The advent of the internet is one of the biggest global advances in the global scene in the panorama of the communication industry in both voice and data . Owing to this , there has been quite a...
words: 1810
pages: 7
Awake ! 1990 , 29 ) The field of education has greatly benefited from television . It makes available a variety of instructive material with a full view of the teacher and of any experiments or visual illustrations that he may provide . One can learn about mathematics , various other sciences , basic household skills , languages and many other things on educational television . Many enjoy ``visual...
words: 624
pages: 3
Running head : TECHNOLOGY Sendmail Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Sendmail Introduction Sendmail refers to the routing facility set within an internetwork email which can provide support provision for diverse transfer of mails as well as adequate delivery methods which may even include Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP ) and is generally used for transporting email within the internet . It is basically...
words: 815
pages: 3
Information security authentication program for Moonshine Mining Abstract Moonshine mining deals with the mining business related to diamond , sapphire , gold etc . Moonshine mining maintains all its intellectual properties and other important documents in 3 internal servers in Perth head office . This information is very confidential to the moon shining . This information should be available only to the internal moon shining...
words: 1685
pages: 7
Annotated Bibliography Student 's Name Course Code , Semester , Class Tutor 23 August 2010 Annotated Bibliography Hirschheim , R (2009 . Offshoring and the New World Order . Communications of the ACM , 52 (11 , 132-135 The negative and positive aspects of offshoring by firms to meet their information technology needs have been vastly analysed and discussed by the author . The study focuses primarily on...
words: 1590
pages: 6
Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : T1 Technology : past , present and the future A T1 line can generally be described as a internet access technological system that carries transmission data in very high speed . It is rather a very high speed telephone line of a digital nature which can transfer telecommunication signals even at a speed of 1 .544Mbps . It can...
words: 786
pages: 3
Komineft . One of the major oil spills in Kuwait in 1991 was a deliberate attempt by Iraq at waging ecological war against Coalition nations , thereby indicating the many dimensions of this grave problem affecting a large portion of human and marine life in the short as well as long term , some effects of which are even today largely unknown . The...
words: 13163
pages: 48
An analysis of revenue models in social networking sites Your name Your school Your instructor Course Date Table of Contents Introduction .3 Revenue models .3 Twitter .3 Functionalities .3 Revenue model .4 YouTube .4 Functionalities .4 Revenue model .4 Yahoo ! Group .5 Functionalities .5 Revenue model .5 Facebook .5 Functionalities .5 Revenue model .6 MySpace .6 Functionalities .6 Revenue model...
words: 2575
pages: 10
Running head : TECHNOLOGY Technology and Management Functions Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Technology and Management Functions The diversely changing business environment has called upon strong models of technological outfit which address the core competencies with which organizations thrive on . Generally , the competitive advantage of the modern organization has only been possible pursuit to the advancement in the technological growth which...
words: 1094
pages: 4
Orange Book In the meeting with the CIO and the CEO , I will explain the facts as follows keeping in mind that CIO thinks that B-3 compliance is enough for Medical Credentials Company (MCC . There are a range of security criterions and stands organizations . For instance , the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST , which was subsidized by the US...
words: 626
pages: 3
Running Head : Web-enabled Database Web-enabled Database Customer Inserts His /her Name University Name Contents : Introduction Database and Web-Enabled Database Layers of Database planning Reasons for introduction of web enabled database Differences between web-enabled database and non web-enabled database Conclusion References Introduction : To keep certain information in a corporation , many different set ups are planned and followed so that the data...
words: 1991
pages: 8
Running Head : TECHNOLOGY INFA-610-Final-Summer-2010 Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Part 1 Malicious attacks can lead to the danger of disclosure , integrity or even service denial . These attacks can be made through social engineering . Through this process , the malicious attacker , who is in most cases an insider of the company , tricks others into exposing their security information such as passwords thus acquiring...
words: 1860
pages: 7
Running head : Virus Attacks Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Virus Attacks Current virus attacks are taking the form of .rar-packed viruses . This involves .rar files , which resemble normal .zip files and are capable of holding numerous compressed files (Symantec Corporation , 2010 . Such have been blamed for evading the normal anti-virus systems into the computer . In addition , the large capacity of...
words: 332
pages: 2
The current business environment is characterized by a high level of uncertainty . Therefore the critical success factor for a business is to create an organizational culture which facilitates a continuous improvement process . The continuous improvement process can take place in the form of information technology being embedded in the existing work processes . However the implementation of the technology has to...
words: 1535
pages: 6


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