The results showed that a non-ADHD child would do better at listening tasks however the non-ADHD child took a longer time to respond to the questions in the questionnaire than the ADHD child did . The results however has to be analyzed with caution as the sample size was very small , only one participant for each group and the hypothesis was not subjected to inferential statistics because of the very small sample size (Elmes , Kantowitz Roediger , 2006 , hence although the non-ADHD...
words: 1302
pages: 5
Both authors remarked that the contributors did not ``go deeper (pgs . 195 , 197 . Neither really explains what they meant by this and I suspect a similar sentiment is felt by many therapists . I felt there was a certain lack of depth and substance to the book because of the absence of consideration of the workings of the unconscious mind . The meaning of ``bad therapy ' must be deemed by individuals reading the book . But in the book bad therapy means ``In...
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pages: 6
`A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love , trust , partnership , tolerance and tenacity . The order varies for any given year , is indeed a true statement quoted by Paul Sweeney . Why am I stating this in an admission essay ? These are the things that marriage and family teaches a person . Overtly , it has been taught to us that , `A good family...
words: 435
pages: 2
Running Head : PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING Psychological Testing Article Analysis Psychological Testing Article Analysis Psychological testing is a tool to properly assess behaviors and characteristics of individuals . Results of psychological testing are often presented through statistical tables that allow evaluation and comparison of the different variables tested against set norms . This paper will review an article lifted from the Health Psychology journal...
words: 1544
pages: 6
American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT . Once they have manipulated people into wiping out those dogs , then I believe that they will move on to other breeds . Knowing what Newkirk said about the ``pit bull ' I think that it is obvious that PETA and other radical animal rights organizations such as the Doris Day Animal League and the Humane Society for...
words: 1119
pages: 5
I am a a psycological consultant for ``My Super Store ' which used to be called Astra prior to its takeover by Cupola Group . As the changeover of administration took place , there was a drop in the number of customers daily , disappearance of regular customers and therefore loss of sales and total revenue . Analysing the underlying causes of this phenomena led...
words: 385
pages: 2
KATLIN : A CASE OF ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION Katlin : A Case of Anxiety and Depression (Name (College /University (Course (Professor (Date ) Katlin : A Case of Anxiety and Depression Clinical Information This paper is about a 15 year-old white American named Katlin . She is suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD ) with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD . Katlin also experiences specific phobia towards public...
words: 3185
pages: 12
Challenge of Diversity [Name] [Course Title] [University] [Instructor Name] [Date] Challenge of Diversity In today 's fast paced world , nothing is isolated in its pre-defined boundaries like it used to be . Everyone interacts and socializes with every other person in the world and concept of discrimination or being biased is gradually diminishing . Global standards are being constructed to conduct certain...
words: 651
pages: 3
DEALING WITH SELF-INJURY Try to Understand the Purpose of a Child 's Self-Injury Examples of Things You Should Avoid When Your Child is Self-Injuring Examples of Things that May Help Finding Help for Self-Injuring Behavior SELF-INJURIOUS BEHAVIOR : AN EMERGING PHENOMENON Introduction Defining Self-Injurious Behavior An Emerging Phenomenon Contemporary Cultural Considerations Characteristics of Individuals Who Self-Harm Treatment Approaches for the Individual...
words: 22036
pages: 81
Running Head : Agoraphobia Agoraphobia Customer Inserts His /her Name University Name Agoraphobia Agoraphobia - An overview : Agoraphobia is a state of having an intrinsic fright of attending crowded areas , civic places , or open spaces , and at times comes with anxiety assaults . However , the terminology is extensively misinterpreted . Its wordy meaning implies an apprehension of "open spaces . Notwithstanding , it is not an...
words: 1541
pages: 6
RUNNING HEAD : SOCIAL CHANGE (CULTURE AND PSYCHOLOGY ) SOCIAL CHANGE (CULTURE AND PSYCHOLOGY ) Customer Name Customer Grade Course Tutor 's Name 25th , August , 2010 Culture can be defined as the values , practices , goals and attitudes that make up a group of individuals a community or even institution . Human psychology on the other hand is the study of the mental functions or...
words: 584
pages: 3
Running Head : ERIKSON 'S THEORY OF PERSONALITY Is Eriksonian theory of Personality an Extension of Classical Psychoanalytic Theories ? Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Abstract Personality can be defined as a set of traits that establish disparities or commonalities of psychological behavior of human being or animals within a diverse socio-cultural and biological spectrum . This paper critically evaluates Erikonian and Freudian...
words: 2217
pages: 9
Running Head : PSYCHOLOGY Aptitude-Treatment Interaction (ATI ) Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Aptitude-Treatment Interaction (ATI ) Aptitude-treatment interaction (ATI ) is a concept concerned with institutional strategies which are more applicable to certain individuals depending on their abilities . It is a theoretical framework which suggests that optimal learning is achieved when aptitudes of a learner are matched with instructions (Reynolds , 1988 . Aptitude-treatment interaction...
words: 306
pages: 2
GENOGRAMS NAME COURSE TUTOR DATE Joyce b .1950 d .1987 m . 1988 d . 1995 m . 1996 Doctor Navy Surgeon In the above genogram , the main family here consists of Kelly , Chris and Moses . Kelly got married to Ben in 1988 but were later divorced and she got married to Chris . Kelly and Ben bore Moses who is closer to his...
words: 362
pages: 2
Running Head : PSYCHOLOGY Theories of Personality Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Theories of Personality Introduction Theories of personality tend to explain what lies beneath the human person . They make us understand why one person is different from the other in terms of behavior , temperament and attitude . They put us in a position to predict the behavior of a person or...
words: 834
pages: 4
Children who have secure attachment have positive outlook in life , while those with insecure and disorganized attachments view the world and the people as dangerous and unpredictable , and themselves as bad or unworthy of love and care (DoCS , 2006 . Due to experiences that they have encountered , such as maltreatments and neglects from family or orphanage , scarring their personality and emotional...
words: 3099
pages: 12
Running Head (Title (Title ) Please indicate your name Please indicate your school Please indicate the date of submission CHAPTER 1 : INTRODUCTION The association between the structure of the family and the adjustment of the child has been well-researched and the results have served the basis for divorce literature for the past five decades . In 1957 , Nye suggested that child adjustment...
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pages: 19


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