Easten Bloc . George Kennan , writing under pseudonym , argued that the Soviet Union was taking action predicated on the belief that Communism would take over the world and that it needed to be contained . With the use of people like Senator Jospeh Mccarthy , it was easy to convince Congress that the Soviet government intended to threaten the entire world and the American way of life . In 1948 , when the Czechs attempted to rebel against Soviet interference and were crushed and a...
words: 581
pages: 3
Lord 's ) entrusted deposit (which is ) enlightenment . As keepers of the knowledge on how an individual may attain enlightenment , the Bodhisattvas ' vows , the practice of which enables them to attain both physical and mental purity , enables them to possess bodies whose sight , sound , touch , and taste can physically and morally alter other individuals ' physical and mental state . The manner through which the sacrifice of the body enables the purification of the individual is also evident in Tantric Buddhism . Thubten Yeshe...
words: 2205
pages: 9
Running Head : Descartes and Knowledge Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Descartes and Knowledge Descartes argues against trusting the senses . He claims that human beings learn their beliefs through their senses . It is through the senses that one learns the world around him . The senses he speaks about are both the internal and external senses . He argues that people have been...
words: 595
pages: 3
Running Head : Gender Discrimination Gender discrimination in the work place : Name University Course Tutor Date Abstract . Gender discrimination is using an individual 's sex to unfairly treat him /her by using it as a determining factor for promotion , hiring and offering other employment benefits . In most instances , it is women who are faced with this challenge although there has been...
words: 659
pages: 3
Running Head : Ethics Should Hospitals Test Pregnant Women For Drug Use Without Their Consent ? Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Introduction Utilitarianism as proposed by John Stuart Mills argues that laws should be made in order to produce the best consequences for a larger group of people as much as possible while deontological thinking as proposed by Immanuel Kant argues that...
words: 730
pages: 3
The loss of the value of the future of the victim , however , is not supported by the biological category of the wrongness of killing . It also neglects the idea that they may be some other creatures who may also have futures and the question is what it is in their futures that makes it wrong to be taken away . Finally...
words: 2332
pages: 9
Student 's Name Course Code , Semester , Class Tutor 26 August 2010 Modern technology is enhancing social life Technology is indispensable in solving modern problems , enhancing social life and ensuring a better future (Diamond 240 . Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to reach among others industrial and commercial objectives of an organization or a society . It has cultural , organizational and...
words: 1953
pages: 8
Philosophy Philosophy is the study of fundamental and general problems concerning issues like knowledge , values , reason , existence , language and mind . Its approach towards addressing these problems is usually critical , systematic and usually relies on rational argument . The term philosophy originates from the Greek word philosophia which means love of wisdom or the search for wisdom . There are various branches of...
words: 576
pages: 3
Philosophy in Crisis : The Need for Reconstruction Philosophy : Its Meaning and Definitions A discussion on a specific book on philosophy by a versatile author and professor of the subject can be rendered more meaningful in the backdrop of a preliminary reference to the meaning of philosophy , and a consideration of a few of its umpteen definitions . ``Well , what do you...
words: 2875
pages: 11
That is , he is rejecting the view that we can determine what a person deserves prior to and independent of considerations of justice , and then simply define justice as giving that person what she deserves . Note that in both passages I have quoted , Rawls explicitly refers to moral desert . In this sense , what we deserve is based on and is...
words: 28130
pages: 103
Name : University : Course : Instructor : Date : Women and Politics Throughout history , women have been disenfranchised and neglected in the men dominated political leadership in all societies in the world . The American society in not exceptional due to the fact that very few women have ever served in important political positions in the country . The legal and social systems have historically given...
words: 559
pages: 3
RESEARCH Customer Name Customer Grade Course Tutor 's Name 25th , August , 2010 Data saturation The situation of data saturation happens when the data which is being presented recurs or has been heard before . In such a case , if a researcher interviews a group of people , then data saturation is when all the interviewed people give the same experience with no...
words: 866
pages: 4
Student 's Name : Instructor 's Name : Course Code and Name : University : Date Submitted : Knowledge involves acquaintance with truth , principles or facts as with a certain subject or a branch of learning . People have various perceptive of knowledge . There are those who belief that knowledge is found in many forms which must be proven with evidence . It is possible to doubt...
words: 1243
pages: 5
Running head : Statistics Statistics [Your name here] [Your university here] 4 . Correlation pertains to a statistical association between at least two data sets , wherein any changes in the value may result in a corresponding value in the other data set . Correlations may also be described in terms of the direction of change in the values of the data sets . The...
words: 815
pages: 3
Ethics Businesses are concerned with their company image , breaking of the laws in work related duties and any doing that will involve a law suit against the company . This is mainly their reputation and restoring it will involve a lot of money . To avoid all of this , they adapt a moral behavior in knowing what is right and wrong for...
words: 1854
pages: 7
US Public educational system is very decentralized and has a parochial structure and allow too much differences in curriculum and in different quality and it is certainly will affect the quality of education in some schools in the Public education system . Page : 5 Segregation and inequality and the US Public education system In American Educational history segregation has produced disadvantage...
words: 3128
pages: 12
Interpreting the Phenomenology of Husserl Phenomenology , at its very root had tried to provide us an alternative view , perspective and a method in acknowledging and knowing things . At the very core , Phenomenology tried to contrast the scientific disciplines and all other attempts that fell short in providing us a clear and concise knowledge of things . As stated in Husserl 's...
words: 514
pages: 2
Name Professor Course Code Date Question 3 According to Freud , there are three components to the structure of personality . Name and describe these components . Sigmund Freud is well known for his important contributions in the field of psychiatry . He conceptualized numerous theories about development that are still utilized in the modern times . Freud introduced the concepts of unconscious mind , defense...
words: 419
pages: 2


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