Easten Bloc . George Kennan , writing under pseudonym , argued that the Soviet Union was taking action predicated on the belief that Communism would take over the world and that it needed to be contained . With the use of people like Senator Jospeh Mccarthy , it was easy to convince Congress that the Soviet government intended to threaten the entire world and the American way of life . In 1948 , when the Czechs attempted to rebel against Soviet interference and were crushed and a...
words: 581
pages: 3
Lord 's ) entrusted deposit (which is ) enlightenment . As keepers of the knowledge on how an individual may attain enlightenment , the Bodhisattvas ' vows , the practice of which enables them to attain both physical and mental purity , enables them to possess bodies whose sight , sound , touch , and taste can physically and morally alter other individuals ' physical and mental state . The manner through which the sacrifice of the body enables the purification of the individual is also evident in Tantric Buddhism . Thubten Yeshe...
words: 2205
pages: 9
Running Head : Descartes and Knowledge Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Descartes and Knowledge Descartes argues against trusting the senses . He claims that human beings learn their beliefs through their senses . It is through the senses that one learns the world around him . The senses he speaks about are both the internal and external senses . He argues that people have been...
words: 595
pages: 3
Running Head : Gender Discrimination Gender discrimination in the work place : Name University Course Tutor Date Abstract . Gender discrimination is using an individual 's sex to unfairly treat him /her by using it as a determining factor for promotion , hiring and offering other employment benefits . In most instances , it is women who are faced with this challenge although there has been...
words: 659
pages: 3
Running Head : Ethics Should Hospitals Test Pregnant Women For Drug Use Without Their Consent ? Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Introduction Utilitarianism as proposed by John Stuart Mills argues that laws should be made in order to produce the best consequences for a larger group of people as much as possible while deontological thinking as proposed by Immanuel Kant argues that...
words: 730
pages: 3
Student 's Name Course Code , Semester , Class Tutor 26 August 2010 Modern technology is enhancing social life Technology is indispensable in solving modern problems , enhancing social life and ensuring a better future (Diamond 240 . Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to reach among others industrial and commercial objectives of an organization or a society . It has cultural , organizational and...
words: 1953
pages: 8
Philosophy Philosophy is the study of fundamental and general problems concerning issues like knowledge , values , reason , existence , language and mind . Its approach towards addressing these problems is usually critical , systematic and usually relies on rational argument . The term philosophy originates from the Greek word philosophia which means love of wisdom or the search for wisdom . There are various branches of...
words: 576
pages: 3
Philosophy in Crisis : The Need for Reconstruction Philosophy : Its Meaning and Definitions A discussion on a specific book on philosophy by a versatile author and professor of the subject can be rendered more meaningful in the backdrop of a preliminary reference to the meaning of philosophy , and a consideration of a few of its umpteen definitions . ``Well , what do you...
words: 2875
pages: 11
That is , he is rejecting the view that we can determine what a person deserves prior to and independent of considerations of justice , and then simply define justice as giving that person what she deserves . Note that in both passages I have quoted , Rawls explicitly refers to moral desert . In this sense , what we deserve is based on and is...
words: 28130
pages: 103
Name : University : Course : Instructor : Date : Women and Politics Throughout history , women have been disenfranchised and neglected in the men dominated political leadership in all societies in the world . The American society in not exceptional due to the fact that very few women have ever served in important political positions in the country . The legal and social systems have historically given...
words: 559
pages: 3
RESEARCH Customer Name Customer Grade Course Tutor 's Name 25th , August , 2010 Data saturation The situation of data saturation happens when the data which is being presented recurs or has been heard before . In such a case , if a researcher interviews a group of people , then data saturation is when all the interviewed people give the same experience with no...
words: 866
pages: 4
Student 's Name : Instructor 's Name : Course Code and Name : University : Date Submitted : Knowledge involves acquaintance with truth , principles or facts as with a certain subject or a branch of learning . People have various perceptive of knowledge . There are those who belief that knowledge is found in many forms which must be proven with evidence . It is possible to doubt...
words: 1243
pages: 5
Running head : Statistics Statistics [Your name here] [Your university here] 4 . Correlation pertains to a statistical association between at least two data sets , wherein any changes in the value may result in a corresponding value in the other data set . Correlations may also be described in terms of the direction of change in the values of the data sets . The...
words: 815
pages: 3
Ethics Businesses are concerned with their company image , breaking of the laws in work related duties and any doing that will involve a law suit against the company . This is mainly their reputation and restoring it will involve a lot of money . To avoid all of this , they adapt a moral behavior in knowing what is right and wrong for...
words: 1854
pages: 7
Interpreting the Phenomenology of Husserl Phenomenology , at its very root had tried to provide us an alternative view , perspective and a method in acknowledging and knowing things . At the very core , Phenomenology tried to contrast the scientific disciplines and all other attempts that fell short in providing us a clear and concise knowledge of things . As stated in Husserl 's...
words: 514
pages: 2
Name Professor Course Code Date Question 3 According to Freud , there are three components to the structure of personality . Name and describe these components . Sigmund Freud is well known for his important contributions in the field of psychiatry . He conceptualized numerous theories about development that are still utilized in the modern times . Freud introduced the concepts of unconscious mind , defense...
words: 419
pages: 2


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