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Running Head : THEOLOGY OF MARRIAGE Theology of Marriage : Brief and Hope Focused Marriage Counseling Name University Summary In 2005 , Worthington published a book entitled Hope Focused Marriage Counseling : A Guide to Brief Therapy , which centers on the ways in which couples can be helped to save their marriages through counseling which places emphasis on quick solutions . Worthington calls attention to six major aspects of counseling , which involve the therapeutic relationship as the key to effective counseling , the goal of producing...
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Her destructive aspect is illustrated by the blooded sword and the severed head symbolizes dawning of knowledge and the destruction of the ignorance . The sword of knowledge tends to cut the knots of ignorance destroying the force consciousness (Akademi , 1978 . This sword opens the gates of freedom cutting the eight bonds that bind human beings . The three eyes represent the fire , moon and the sun and she is able to observe the three modes of time i .e . present , future...
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Today , religions around Asia are still flexing its muscles and continuously remind its followers and its faithful about the importance of religion in everyday life (to some , the consideration of its importance even in the afterlife . Limaye (1999 ) noted how the practice of Islam in Pakistan extends towards a more active role in domestic politics and how it affects the...
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Running head : PUBERTY Puberty Name : University : Tutor : Course : Date : Abstract Puberty is the period when children experience various physical and emotional changes in their bodies . Puberty comes with psychological effects that affect the teen 's interaction at school , with their peers and parents . Puberty Puberty is the stage in children 's lives when they experience physical changes through which their...
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Evolution of ``Hero ' Akkad Akkad was an ancient city around which the Akkadian empire was built . The empire was in the region of the ancient Iraq . The ancient Akkadian empire paved way for the great civilizations of Babylonia and Assyria . These civilizations were formed with the mixing of the Akkadian people with the Sumerians (Liverani , 2003 ) Sargon Sargon was the...
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Interpretation of biblical narratives Bible Name School Date Introduction Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan (1983 :2 ) defined narratives as the recitation of a sequence of fictional event . Unfortunately , most of the definitions are circulatory on the word narrative itself thus making these definitions null and unacceptable . The bible has been one of the misused books and misread books in the recent world . Based...
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World Religion Report Name Course Title Tutor 's Name August 20 , 2010 World Religion Report Introduction ``We need a value consensus between the west and Islam on democracy and human rights to combat Islamic fundamentalism . We can 't do it with bombs and shooting-that will only exacerbate the problem ' These are words of an international relations professor at Gottingen University...
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Response to Enaysha : It is a continuous struggle for believers to imitate Christ in everyday situation where anger and loss of temper tend to take control of our behavior and emotions . Our students may also face this struggle especially when Christians are expected to show no signs of anger . The role of Christian schoolteachers is to reach out to those...
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RUNNING HEAD : Reply to Posts 1 Reply to Posts (Your Name (Your University ) Reply to Jennifer 's post By citing Jesus ' Parable of the Talents , Jennifer supported her answer quite strongly on why Christians should invest their money . By doing such , she highlighted the fact that as good Christians , we are called to be wise and critical in handling our...
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Jesus set , many Christian sects and denominations are conducting water baptism in the same way as John baptized Jesus in the Jordan River . This is in exemption of the Roman Catholic Church which conducts baptism as early as the first few months or commonly within the first year of the child ' life with the decision of the parents . It is...
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The Christian Role in Aiding Behavioral Challenges Name Instructor The Christian Role in Aiding Behavioral Challenges A Christian educator is often faced with various dilemmas when it comes to how to educate his or her students . One dilemma is how one should see his or her role as a Christian educator if the student in question is experiencing emotional and...
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Name University Course Tutor Date Buddhism and Christianity : Buddhist and Christians are among the world 's larges religions . They are characterized by different teachings and practices that they observe . They both have different origins and beliefs that form part of their structures . The two characteristics that I am going to look at are : the ethical teachings of both Christians and...
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Literature Review Missionary Methods This section will explore the various aspects of missionary methods . It will explore the essential elements in the gospel of St . Paul and then compare it with the current trends in the modern church . Any ordinary Christian very well knows about the achievements of St . Paul . More importantly , they must be aware of the methodology he...
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1 . What factors helped the development and spread of Islam The development and spread of Islam was a process not an occurrence , there are therefore diverse reasons on the development and spread on Islam with the dates and geographical locations contributing to the varying reasons Ezzati (2002 . The development of Islam was fostered by the fact that during the seventh...
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Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Seven deadly sins Sin clouds man conscience by corrupting the concrete judgment of what is good and evil . It tends to replicate and reproduce it given that it creates an inclination to sin . The seven deadly sins are those sins which are critical to ones spiritual growth . They are the attitudes that underlie sin and...
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He elaborates that in his religion , real women are considered as home keepers that would raise the kids and need to be separated in the Mosque because of the women 's features . In addition , he says that if we take a look at many societies today , a woman is only valued and considered important if she performs the functions of...
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To invest or not ? The modern world provides many dilemmas for Christians and one of these is how to manage all the resources that we are given , including money . An extreme position on this point would be to say that we should all give away our possessions and follow Him in faith , so that the problem of investment decisions should...
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Name Course A Journal Response to ``The Local Church In Mission : Becoming A Missional Congregation In The Twenty-first Century Global Context and The Opportunities Offered Through Tentmaking ' Ministry , Lausanne Occasional Paper (LOP ) No . 39 University Date A Journal Response to ``The Local Church In Mission : Becoming A Missional Congregation In The Twenty-first Century Global Context and The Opportunities Offered Through...
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