In January of 2003 President Bush proposed 720 million for research and development into hydrogen fuel cells , which could greatly reduce dependence on carbon dioxide emitting fuel . The 9 /11 attacks reactivated questions about our dependence on oil from an unstable part of the world noted for violent anti-Americanism . Current attempts to increase CAFE standards are strangely reminiscent of the original motivation in 1975 . Congressional restrictions on the ability to increase CAFE were lifted for federal year 2003 . As a...
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Communist principles and were doubtful towards new market economy practices (Colton et al 1995 . After the 90 's ended , Romania finally witnessed its own economic growth and saw its GDP rise to 9869 per capita in 2006 the GDP growth rate was also calculated at 7 .7 , one of the highest in eastern Europe , and the unemployment rate hovered at a mere 4 .9 . These impressive statistics showed that Romania was no longer struggling in the wake of the Soviet...
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From the track ways of dinosaurs , it is clear that they rarely dragged their tail on the ground like other reptiles . Therefore birds and mammals are probably good models for understanding dinosaur 's locomotion . Dinosaurs had a unique lifestyle of higher mammals . They provided parental care to their young ones . They also built their nest which makes them to be...
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Sharper tools were also made from bones of dead animals . The Homo Erectus came after the Homo Habilis . They could use a wider range of stone tools and hand axes . There was use of fire for cooking and keeping warm , they made caves to shelter themselves and were characterized by organized hunting . Their migration to other parts of the world...
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Minnesota . As the life of those living in Pompeii and the outlying communities unfolded , they did not have any sense of the impending catastrophe waiting to explode on their city . The wrath of the gods The beginning of the end for Pompeii began on the 24th of August of 79AD (Minnesota . There were small upheavals of the ground , but since...
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Chaco site was composed of a wide variety and was composed of cultures that could be identified with various Anasazi cultural horizons (Lister , 1981 ) According to previous research , the range of occupation grouops was reflected in a variety of architectural types which included , but are not limited to , permanent habitations such as pueblos and field houses . Conclusion The various sites...
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Molar megadontia is gone , with molars longer than they are wide . Metacarpal 1 and trapezium is much less interlocked , which allowed more movement . The distal phalanges have apical tuffs . Presence of digital shortening . Enlargement of the hallux , as well as being fully abducted . Alignment of digits 2-5 . Thickened metatarsal shaft with a humanlike cross-sectional shape . A fully developed double arch...
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First these two results in the hampering of productivity . The organization cannot meet its expected level of production due to stress and the opposition in the firm . The morale of the people in the firm is also lowered since they are not satisfied with what they are doing . Thirdly , the pressure , stress and resistance to change may result to the...
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An important part of a country 's peace , security and diplomatic relations is their armed forces . Heading this party is also the president , being the commander in chief of the armed forces of the United States . He has all the right and the power to do whatever he wishes with them . Though he does not have proper military training or...
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The use of human and faunal bones and teeth , essentially composed of carbon and nitrogen , is an ideal source of data , providing the material needed for archeological and anthropological study where conventional sources of information are inadequate or not available . Moreover , as humans generally derive the carbon in the body as a result from plants ingested , the idea is that...
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Striking Features : Fins , eyes and vertebrates One important part to distinguish Ichthyosaur 's is their distinctive characteristics . Ryosuke pointed out in his article the relative feature of these creatures and how it has helped them adapt to the environment they are in . The first important feature is the fore fin of such creatures . Ryosuke argued that such fins underwent a...
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The evolution of polygyny can be easily rationalized . In polygynous strategies , the egg has a high energy cost and the female puts her energy into childcare . Males may help with childcare as well , but females have a long period of gestation and then a period of lactation , so childcare is their primary focus . Females must focus also on food , not...
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Castleden R , 218 ) Many buildings collapsed and the survivors were left with no other good alternative except to build some temporal structures but with time they were able to build better and permanent buildings . Some towns after this natural disaster , they were not build again for example Pylos and Midea but some like Mycenaean and Tiryns were rebuilt though they...
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US military would find it necessary to resign should open acceptance be allowed ? The answer was given by some of the older , more experienced veterans and high-ranking US military officials . Allowing gay individuals into the military service would undermine the strong image of the US military . It would lower the morale of the US troops and there would be great...
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A contemporary archeological scheme often begins with a survey . Local survey is the effort to methodically establish earlier unknown sites in an area . Spot investigation is the effort to systematically establish features of knowledge within the locality . Each of these two specific types of surveys may be accomplished with mostly similar methods . Conducting a survey has numerous benefits if conducted...
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As Silas Hurry points out , there needs to be delicate care and consideration given to the artifacts because damaging artifacts would prove to be a self defeating process . This process is much more difficult than most would assume because it involves the careful and deliberate handling of the items . Of course , through an ly and deliberately planned series of steps...
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Richard , 2004 , 78 ) However , the resilient outer surface of the pollen material has provided it with adaptive conditions in which it can resist decay from the influence of climatic situations . According to various studies , the sedimentary deposits found in river deltas and also lakes has provided various types and nature of pollen compounds . This has been a scientific characteristic of...
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The telecom companies who cooperated with the government eavesdropping program now face the potential threat of billions of dollars in lawsuits for violating the rights of their clients (Chaddock ?7 . Whether or not to pass legislation that would immunize private firms from being sued by their clients for their cooperation with the warantless eavesdropping program has brought the legislation to...
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