Jews , Chinese and Japanese have been found out to be having genes that prevents this disease . What happens is that they have a gene in their livers which releases an enzyme that makes alcoholic drinks unpleasant to them by causing nausea , increasing ones heartbeat and causing one to vomit frequently while other groups such as Caucasian have a gene that is located in the brain unlike that of the Japanese and Chinese which is in the liver , which tunes the...
words: 487
pages: 2
Urban Water Quality 1 . State a hypothesis about the quality of the water in the Grand River . What do you base this hypothesis on ? The hypothesis developed for water quality of Grand River is to test whether urbanization affects the quality of water in Grand River . The hypothesis is based on the effects of urbanization on the Grand River water quality , with focus on Lansing section . 2 . What concerns does this section of the Grand River face ? How does increased...
words: 787
pages: 3
Running Head : PIPA Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA ) Name University Course Tutor Date Abstract Because of the constant invasion of indigenous habitats by people , most animals and plant species are facing a risk of becoming extinct . This is why it is important that measures should be put in place to safeguard such habitats against interference to avoid the devastating effects...
words: 924
pages: 4
Running Head : SCIENTIFIC CONCEPTS 3 SCIENTIFIC CONCEPTS 3 Customer Inserts His /her Name University Name Table of Contents : Introduction Problem Statement Relevance of the question Literature review Experimental design Dependent , independent , and controlled variables Threat reduction to internal validity Hypothesis Process of data collection Results of Experiment Conclusion References Introduction : A lot of species and organisms around us are a...
words: 1451
pages: 6
Running Head : NATURE Human survival Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Human survival Wilson highlights the effects that the Homo sapiens have brought about in the world through what he refers to as a geophysical force , ranging from causing changes in the climate and the atmosphere to the modification of the fauna and flora . Besides , he reckons that in the history...
words: 327
pages: 2
Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Malaria , yellow fever , dengue and African sleeping sickness Malaria Malaria is an infectious parasitic disease that is caused by Plasmodium transmitted by mosquitoes as the vectors . This killer disease dates back to the days of the Egyptian mummies as splenomegaly has been observed in mummies as old as three thousand years old . Sherman (p 3...
words: 3343
pages: 13
Rar s S t` T t b 5 3 Scientific concepts 2\Notes to the slides 2 .doc u 5 6 H 1 `1 1 0g SKZH -P A H BHS z B !D s7S O B ?yG9 5j[ H fv Z n t U aN yg Jwn 7 Ks a g v N R 5KF j J y EO EF...
words: 12009
pages: 44
Rar s _t` S t8- P x )- l 8 J T S q T f il G 6M g s ^ 3 f fOp c r qq1 n c m 9 8 5 c b glc a G e CU z j V 4 sV A km M `ZQ v B G k\ iA :E` wh sa kP m...
words: 12951
pages: 48
This happens as newly extrusion materials push the old ones sideways . Though the old materials are rather heavy to withstand the push , the pressure is so high to resist . Any possible resistance from several places in the material leads to pressure moving to weaker areas and eventually release materials on ocean surfaces . The pressures for new materials from down the...
words: 5949
pages: 22
Running Head : Deforestation Topic : Deforestation Name : Institution : Course : Date : Abstract This essay looks at issues related to the practice of deforestation which is the careless destruction of forests . The essay has been organized to include an introduction section and goes on to look at the causes , effects , and solutions to this problem of deforestation . The essay is ended by looking...
words: 1260
pages: 5
Wetland Field Trip 1 . Who owns Rose Lake and how does it serve the public ? Rose Lake is owned by the state of Michigan . Rose Lake used to be a farm , now it is a place for the public to hike , bike and walk the gently rolling hills . It is also home to different animal habitats , like lakes , wetlands and...
words: 356
pages: 2
Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : outline Thesis : Genetically engineered crops are safe for consumption and to the environment in general but there is need to take more time and research on the safety of the foods to prevent potential risks as the technology is still relatively young . I . Genetically modified (GM ) foods contain foreign genes . A . GM foods are for...
words: 2452
pages: 9
Running head Animal testing should be banned Name University Course Tutor Date Animal testing should be banned The debate on animal testing has remained a controversial one on the public domain . Opponents of the practice assert that animals have a life and thus feel pain and happiness . Therefore , just like mankind demand for life , the right of animals to enjoy...
words: 1413
pages: 6
Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Introduction Vegetable gardening is one of my best hobbies almost all the activities involved in vegetable gardening are relaxing and enjoyable , besides keeping one active . Vegetable gardening enables me to spend time effectively outdoors , while am doing something really enjoyable and appealing . In the end , I eventually enjoy the fruits of my input by harvesting...
words: 564
pages: 3
Mechanism of Echolocation in Bats [Name] [Course Title] [University] [Instructor Name] [Date] Mechanism of Echolocation in Bats Several animals and birds like owls and bats use echolocation to detect their prey and hunt them . However , these animals and birds use different strategies to detect the location of their prey . Owls use the mechanism of passive listening to find the location...
words: 1319
pages: 5
Hence they are called producers . The producers are essential as they utilize sunlight in the production of chemical energy . Then from one trophic level energy gets transferred from one trophic level to the next losing some of the energy . 6 . Define Biodiversity and Explain why biodiversity is critical to ecosystem stability . Biodiversity is a contraction of the phrase biological diversity...
words: 2190
pages: 8
Blind , 2006 . Reasons to not Trust the Government There are many reasons that have been advanced in explaining the decline of citizenry trust in the government . Following the end of the Cold War , Americans trust in the government has been on the decline . This can be explained that the citizens no longer feel highly threatened by a prominent external enemy...
words: 466
pages: 2
Kluger , 2010 . The reverse dip-slip fault implies that tectonic plates pull apart (Kluger , 2010 . The strike-slip is associated with a sideways grinding of the plates (Kluger , 2010 . The Haiti earthquake was of the strike-slip type , meaning that the two tectonic plates on the both sides of the fault moved in opposite directions - the Caribbean Plate went east , while the Gonvave...
words: 1713
pages: 7


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