Eservice registration : Tax consultant with eligible qualification like CPA 's who wish to utilize any e-service product must register and create an electronic account by choosing a user name , password and PIN [Personal Identification Number] . An on-screen acknowledgment corroborates the registration process . Further , a tax consultant may select to use a PTIN [Preparer Tax Identification Number] in tax returns rather than a social security number and this will facilitates him to apply for and receive a PTIN through online or...
words: 3320
pages: 13
It is the mere thought of the farmer in the less developed economies being told to fend for the fertilizers , hybrid , drought and disease resistant seedlings and research undertakings by themselves that the riots in Cancun , Mexico began . By making this ruling which was based on the concept that the world is equally flat , the developed world such as America , United Kingdom , France and Canada was stifling the future of food security herein . While echoing one of the world 's...
words: 1403
pages: 6
Online auctions through Web Online auctions are the latest business model using internet technology where the interested participants bid for the products and services . In online auction the products are displayed through certain site directly by the owner and will be purchased by the buyer dismantling the mediators and commission will be given to the online site provider . These revenues...
words: 1142
pages: 5
[E-Commerce 3 and 4] [Name] [Course Title] [University] [Instructor Name] [Date] SECTION B - 2 Some of the behaviors that are inherent in e-business or e-tailing are usually from the side of the customers where they feel a little uncomfortable due to risk , privacy , and trust level . Therefore , when it comes to the application of these behaviors in the above mentioned...
words: 701
pages: 3
[E-Commerce 1] [Name] [Course Title] [University] [Instructor Name] [Date] SECTION A - 1 Answer (a ) There are certain strategies used by organizations when it comes to their intermediaries . There are three main terms - disintermediation , re-intermediation , and counter-mediation . Disintermediation is the elimination of any intermediary or intermediaries from the overall supply chain or distribution process (Pieterz , 2010 . Contrastingly , reintroducing or the intermediaries...
words: 347
pages: 2
[Title] [Name] [Course Title] [University] [Instructor Name] [Date] E-learning has emerged as a revolutionizing concept in 21st century . It has given numerous opportunities to educational institutes and students in the form of flexibility , construction of knowledge and knowledge transfer using electronic media components . Contemporary services are more in need of e-learning facilities especially for educational institutes that aim at providing...
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Author 's name and the Credentials of the author - The website should be providing the author 's name and the credentials of the author , so that the customer can also weight the accuracy and genuineness of the information provided . Judgments to improve the usability should be made by the potential customers . They should be called in at the designer 's...
words: 1514
pages: 6
[Internet Business and Electronic Commerce] [Name] [Course Title] [University] [Instructor Name] [Date] Answer - 1 The two industries chosen for the analysis on the layout , format , and contents of their websites are Online Shopping and Online Marketing Assistance websites . Starting from the first industry - Online Shopping - it includes several organizations that started the business of selling a wide range of...
words: 1819
pages: 7
Running Head : E-Tailing The Communication Process in E-Tailing Student Professor Course Date Since the proliferation of personal computers and the availability of high-speed internet communication , the whole world has known the joy and perils of electronic commerce . It is the ability to purchase goods and services via online stores , computers , and the absence of face-to-face interaction . One of its most...
words: 1129
pages: 5
Not all the threats listed earlier will be a concern to an organization . After identifying the threats , appropriate disaster recovery plans should be implemented . Hardware backup In case of a natural disaster or due to technology failure , the hardware may become unusable . There are companies and firms that provide disaster recovery services . A company may provide a hot site that...
words: 1385
pages: 6
Networking activities have been found to affect the way in which organizations learn and increase their knowledge base . In particular , by having external collaborative links , there is a greater likelihood of future innovation taking place . Where women have become entrepreneurs after leaving their organizational careers , and have not established an extensive network , they feel isolated at the top , until a...
words: 38549
pages: 141
Name : xxxxxxxxxxx Institution : xxxxxxxxxxxx Title : Banking Security Case Study Tutor : xxxxxxxxxxx Course : xxxxxxxxxxxx Date : xxxxxxxxxxxx 1 ) Reasons for not reporting the threat to the police Great challenge Could be the first manager suggested not involving the police because this was the best way to avoid facing shame of admitting that a particular bank had been hacked . On the other hand...
words: 3209
pages: 12
Running head : Ecommerce Ecommerce to small businesses Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Introduction Electronic commerce refers to situation when business trade over electronic systems such as use of internet , computer peripherals and other computer network accessories . All transactions regarding trading are done via internet . Transactions may include inventory management , data interchange and communication , fund transfer , supply of goods and services...
words: 1335
pages: 5
Student 's Name : Instructor 's Name : Course Code and Name : University : Date Assignment is due : In each and everyday many business and companies are entering the world of electronic world of business . Companies are spending millions of dollars to set up and in order to maintain website designed specifically for E-business . As a result of the growth in internet in...
words: 835
pages: 4
Name Course Tutor Date Google is leading online advertising market with its unique strategies Introduction Online advertising is a novel form of product promotion that uses information technology such as the internet to reach and attract customers through the messages displayed . In the past decade , internet access by used has tremendously increased and continues to increase (Miller Washington . As a...
words: 4261
pages: 16
Running head : Name Course University Lecturer Date The impact of electronic commerce Introduction The research was carried out by analyzing the look and content of five websites . Of the five websites , two were of service delivering company while two were for manufacturieng companies and NGO . The service delivering company was a websites for a given government owned hospital and a...
words: 2015
pages: 8
Situational Analysis : In the current scenario , there are a number of opportunities which could be explored . Because when we talk about today 's context , the low calorie and low sugar diet are in vogue . People are increasingly becoming conscious about health products and the diet which causes fewer problems . Apart from that , people suffering from diabetes and cholesterol problems also...
words: 667
pages: 3
Running head : Discuss the issues related to the widespread adoption of e-books Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Discuss the issues related to the widespread adoption of e-books Since the modern information age arrived , businesses , educational institutions and governments have increasingly used the internet to disseminate information to their targeted groups . In the process , e-books have been increasingly adopted as an...
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pages: 3


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