Appropriate modes of discipline should be given in for him to distinguish well from bad behaviors . Discipline works well if we also conform to the norms which we want our kids to obey . Preaching water and drinking wine won 't achieve fundamental behavioral transformations in my son . The son will not heed my appeal for change if I break the very rules myself . Neither should I condone such behavior by commissioning such offences . If I have a drug problem then...
words: 527
pages: 2
Another difference between men and women on how they look and see their bodies is the way they choose the food that they eat . Most women tend to take a lot of time shopping in a supermarket it is because they are very careful with the food that they are buying . Most women are very conscious of the food that they eat . They always go for less fat or zero fat , no calories , no sugar or less sugar , or no...
words: 646
pages: 3
J X_ k l7V d F [ ] z b q R Z FKa 8U j 0 PI \ 4z]k y7 o oAp[ BZ E0 !D 2b \ 0 X ] i c HE u 'l c ?q cb4h9 h cFV t K b !A 8 TT v ^ C m a 6 k W h \ c u 9...
words: 759
pages: 3
Last name 1 First Name Last Name Instructor 's Name Class name 26 August 2010 Exploring our Human Nature through Shakespeare 's Genius William Shakespeare 's most astonishing gift arises from his profound understanding of human complexities . He was able to create authentic and oftentimes perplexing situations and characters using a wide range of human sentiments and qualities that are...
words: 640
pages: 3
The Figure of the Moor in Shakespeare 's Othello and Cinthio 's Hecatommithi . Othello is a masterpiece from Shakespeare , but the plot is copied from the original source , Cinthio 's Hecatommithi . Although the two versions are practically similar , Shakespeare makes some innovations that separate his play from its original source . Othello adds up several characters more to thicken the plot...
words: 1090
pages: 4
Success : 1 . Competencies Competencies means being confident in whatever undertakings we had . Competencies means we are fully equipped to do things because of all the necessary ingredients of trainings , experiences and capabilities are stored within us . Successful people are confident people . 2 . Alliance Builder Alliance builder means we are also a support group . We love networking , linkages and alliances with...
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An Essay on Ann Beattie 's ``Janus ' ``Janus ' by Ann Beattie is a story of Andrea , a real estate agent , and the relevance of a plain looking bowl in her personal life and career . In the story , Andrea is attempting to make a connection between her two worlds - her past and present . ``Janus , the ancient roman god , is characterized as...
words: 680
pages: 3
Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Beowulf 's Fame , Fate and Destiny in His Life Beowulf was really a man who wanted to achieve a long lasting fame . The last words of the Anglo Saxon epic showed much tribute to his fame as it stated that he was the most enthusiastic man for praise . This is evidence that Beowulf did not...
words: 843
pages: 4
By this point in the sonnet , he has systematically gone from the general to the specific , associating himself first with a time of year , then with a time of day , and finally with one explicit natural element . In doing so , he has effectively drawn a parallel between the waning time frames and the inevitable dwindling of his own life span...
words: 1085
pages: 4
Analysis of A Raisin in the Sun The play , A Raisin in the Sun , written by Lorraine Hansberry tells the story of the ups and downs of a small African-American family , the Youngers , while they coped with keeping and fulfilling their dreams in a rather unaccommodating and even downright hostile world . Though never explicitly stated in the play , the setting...
words: 1784
pages: 7
She was imagining about a ``plate of pears ' or ``a piano with a Persian Shawl ' but when she arrived in her new home , she resented the ``dripping faucet , the ``filthy windows ' and the ``insects in her cupboards . Only at night was the woman 's fantasy briefly ignited when she responded once again to the ``urgings ' of her boyfriend . However , the...
words: 25257
pages: 92
THESIS STATEMENTS Imagine that your instructor has asked you to write a compare and contrast essay about two main characters in the story : Goodman Brown and the traveling companion he meets in the woods . Reread the story , highlighting and annotating with that topic in mind . Then write a thesis statement for your compare and contrast essay . THESIS STATEMENT : Goodman Brown...
words: 205
pages: 1
Feminism Postcolonialism in Charlotte Brontl 's Jane Eyre As a representative work of a female author who was well ahead of her times , Jane Eyre can safely be regarded as the magnum opus of Charlotte Brontl . A literary career that spanned for a meager six years , it was really incredible as to how Charlotte Brontl could excel so much as...
words: 1198
pages: 5
[Name] [Subject] [Professor] [Date] Color Green 's Depiction of Good and Evil Symbolisms in the Medieval Poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Through the successful symbolism of the Green Knight , the green girdle and the green Chapel in this medieval poem , Sir Gawain and the Green Knight perfectly portrays color green as an element that does not only illuminate...
words: 1086
pages: 4
Running head : Sarah , Plain and Tall Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Discuss the historical knowledge you gained from reading this book Reading literary works , such as stories , usually enables audiences to become exposed to historical facts that are described through such works . As a result of such exposure , readers benefit by gaining useful historical information which they would likely not...
words: 851
pages: 4
First Name Last Name Professor Name Course Name 30 July 2010 John Milton 's Paradise Lost as an Epic Poetry The epic poem has been regarded ion all ages and countries as the highest form of poetry and there are great epics in almost in all the literatures in the world . As Dr . Johnson has put it , ``By the general...
words: 1168
pages: 5
Running head : the giver Name Course : Tutor : July 28th , 2010 Introduction The novel is a like a soft science fiction that is set for future society that is presented as a utopian society . The novel has a story that follows up the story of a boy named Jonas when he was twelve . The society that is presented in the novel...
words: 1442
pages: 6
The poem by an outstanding Russian poet Alexander Pushkin ``I loved you (1829 ) is a pure representation of the poet 's warm feelings toward a woman who did not replied on his close attention to her beauty and nature (Pushkin . It is a confession of the poet who lives in the atmosphere of reveries about this girl . Thus , the poem...
words: 269
pages: 1


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