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words: 1431
pages: 6
Golden Lotus Pg .4 beautiful and highly desirable for marriage . Big feet were considered ugly and so were the woman . Changing such deep felt views the feelings associated with them must be turned around . What was beautiful must be turned into something ugly and something ugly must be turned into something beautiful . The goal was to destroy one and replace it with the other , the beauty of bound feet had to be assaulted as well as the woman who had...
words: 1914
pages: 7
Name Professor Course Date The Changing Nature of Warfare : Nobuo Kojima 's The American School Nobuo Kojima 's 1954 short story , The American School , is set in Japan during the occupation period following the end of World War II followings its defeat . The story is essentially a mix of drama with a mix of comedy and is all about adjustment...
words: 2025
pages: 8
Running head : The Tale of Genji Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Through literary works , various authors have historically woven themes that seek to portray the different gender roles that women play . To this end , some feminist-inclined literary works have depicted women as active players in social and political circles . Conversely , other literary works have portrayed women as mere sexual objects...
words: 902
pages: 4
It shows how chances that once were lost could be lost perpetually . This Chinese motion picture suggests a familiar view that happiness can be obtained through a prohibited relationship with another person and such bliss can be forever unachievable if one were to select the rightful path . The rightful path is the path that invites one to forget one 's...
words: 2607
pages: 10
The gangster we are all looking for Le Thi Diem Thuy elevates with the great intrigue gentility of memoirs of the family lost in her beautifully articulated work of fiction ``The gangster we are all looking for ' Writer explicitly prepares us in the beginning itself to experience characters mixed emotions of lost memories and of estrangement and dislodgment and the...
words: 1201
pages: 5
As Soon ng points out in his essay ``Tarrying with the Numinous : Postmodern Japanese Gothic Stories : ``Some of these issues - all of which revolve around the ``self ' - include the problem of ``identity , the trauma of Westernisation , and the correlation between the present and the past (and by extension the future , which continue to confront the Japanese people , compelling them...
words: 2999
pages: 11
subSaharan Africa as well as the socio-political disenfranchisement they face as immigrants in western countries . In particular , I am concerned about the official and exclusive reservation of the term ``mutilation ' to describe circumcised African women . Not only is this institutionalized discrimination but it is personally offensive to the majority of circumcised African women and to the cultures which practice female...
words: 713
pages: 3
Strongman (1996 ) elaborates further , ``Given this reading , post-colonial literature can be seen as a transitory phase of the wider cultural condition of the legacy of imperialism ' Integration of Various Fields Postcolonial literature allows readers to get a picture of transition stage . It describes changes in political , geographical , emotional and psychological areas . Brians (1998 ) states ``It is also important to understand...
words: 5914
pages: 22
An individual who has a green thumb , meanwhile , can help stabilize his or her community 's food supply by farming . In the Confucian society , individual creativity can shine through so as long as it is channeled towards meeting the needs of the collective . In Book XVIII of The Analects (479-221 BC , Confucius cautioned strongly against the folly of isolating oneself...
words: 1929
pages: 8
Vietnam , but would also provide for unlimited access to other precious substances that were seemingly there for the taking , including valuable spices , rice and other agricultural products , livestock , wild game , and more . For an Asian land that had not seen the likes of the European settlers before , the chance to reap all that the land and nature had to offer...
words: 2688
pages: 10
S S S T T T T T T U R S S S S S S S T T T T T T U R S S S S S S S T T T T T T U R S S S S S S S T T T T T T U R S S S S...
words: 847
pages: 4
This novel just proves that more than men , women were seen by ancient Chinese societies to be the weaker and the more passive people in a romantic relationship . Only a few parts in the novel stress that women stand and fight for what they believe is right rather , they are plainly portrayed to be lovers who are always willing to...
words: 1481
pages: 6
Acer palmatum also known as the Japanese maple is used for the art of bonsai because it responds very well to techniques that are aimed to reducing the number of leaves . During the autumn many maples have foliage that is quite bright and most countries have traditions that involve leaf watching for example Japan . In Canada and New England the...
words: 357
pages: 2
King had a strong desire to attain immortality , proof of which is his realization that despite his authority over the clan of monkeys he remains tied to his own mortality , thereby pushing him to defy the attempt of Hell to collect his soul and erase his name from the Book of Life and Death . This point in Monkey 's life...
words: 992
pages: 4
Decision making involves processing a great deal of information and hence requires great reasoning and analysis . Due to the complexity of decisions that need to be made in real world organizations , a need has arisen that requires automation of decision making activities hence Decision support systems (Turban , Efraim and Aranson , Jay E , 2000 . Now , real world organizations use the help...
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The modern culture has played an important role in making the celebration more successful and happier . One way through which Buddhists integrate the modern culture in celebrating Vesak is by visiting the sick in hospitals , the handicapped and the aged in their homes . For instance , during the celebration of Vesak , many Buddhists distribute different gifts and cash to many charitable...
words: 1883
pages: 7


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