II .4 . Data Management and Communication The development of Croquet itself is actually a sign of where the trends of data management and communication will be going . With the increasingly abundant and detailed information gathered for the sake of good business management , there is a crucial need for a platform that enables such data to be transferred and interchanged between parties without delays . Furthermore , with the increasingly sensitive nature of the information , the connection between parties needs to be intimate...
words: 320
pages: 2
He just lives there alone , crying and begging to be let out . ``It is feeble-minded . Perhaps it was born defective , or perhaps it has become imbecile through fear , malnutrition , and neglect (8 ) The whole community knows the existence of the boy and some view him without speaking to him and others are content knowing he is there . ``They all understand that their happiness , the beauty of their city , the tenderness of their friendships , the health of their children , the wisdom...
words: 1614
pages: 6
For example she does not have to pay taxes . Everyone has to pay taxes . She kills her only suitor and it is not discovered until she dies many years later . In fact the community was as much to blame for the murder as Emily was . They pressured her to marry , and when she saw that she was to be dumped...
words: 807
pages: 3
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words: 693
pages: 3
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words: 683
pages: 3
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words: 670
pages: 3
The Raven , the man felt abandoned after the death of his love as he knew that he will never see her again . Darkness can be viewed in different ways and can represent a lot of different things . When a person is feeling depressed and reads a poem a story that already had that element integrated it is easier to connect...
words: 2094
pages: 8
Women were considered to be hugely inferior to men and this was reinforced hundreds of times in society , in the making of laws and in their treatment in literature . Shakespeare also inherited this mind set but all the same succeeded in creating a number unforgettable characters , women of strength , purpose and beauty , women who have then been recreated a thousand...
words: 27172
pages: 99
RE w l ([ VD m I5 z M b I[\ d N 8 pM q ` z j Y T O Y /q D c K\ 0 V[ x J 2 NK D Z L di )uz z3 A Rj aJ FsC 7 ZC ` O Ie X o2 ng h Ue7E y K Tk H L U] h H ^...
words: 2189
pages: 8
Riskin believes in an evaluative approach . This mediation uses a system of techniques where the parties are `urged to settle or accept the settlement proposal , come up with compromises , arise possible outcomes , try to get the parties to go along with the mediator 's decision and evaluate the `strengths and weaknesses ' of each party . Another model is Kovach Love`s . This...
words: 548
pages: 2
KFyaJ E p zD m V ^ - A [ x MG d 'm 4 .` t\ B i ^ z d 6 -_A0 r R ?] L C 8o i O R m nKK sN pF zH aM 6 7 2 E F B K h n N t 1 0 Ei eM [n z I ] I1 V^ Q...
words: 1542
pages: 6
Her hair pulled tightly into a bun and a never ending strand of pearls wrapped around her neck all of which accessorize her classic little black dress and a long stemmed cigarette that she has , without fail , permanently in hand . Hepburn , frequently clad in Chanel , prances around the city as if it is her playground , nonchalantly yet tragically running with...
words: 1982
pages: 8
U [ C d P N P W AU r 4 W` 'mB 0 gS 4 \^O t EP 7e p G^ j q .Sc0 T Cw k k zY8 .x I m f /I C 5 \ e U\ u u G I Ni Em e a RK H -e F D - m Y [ 9 Z 4 K...
words: 1492
pages: 6
You have to feel it (53 . The lesson learned : feel the need for the double cheeseburger , no onions , extra pickle . Byrne digresses a bit to cover a couple of ``powerful processes ' just in case the reader somehow missed the wrong days in elementary school : be grateful and visualize . Interestingly both concepts read more like something in Star Trek 's Ferengi...
words: 3263
pages: 12
A yp [ kIw l G o Hj b \ 8 o T Fe W RcV s6G X n c B O CmQQ - Cn \[L 3 K IJ p !sc Q `xtF`y 9 3 c 4u r u "0- x aKr 8 q W W 7 -c [ 5 v o_ O .T G y i o G F T...
words: 879
pages: 4
The flyaway children who feel themselves wronged return like boomerangs to the parents whose business it has always been to stamp out errancy (Leonard , 9 ) Both Dostoevsky and Franzen push the reader 's limit for sympathy with their extremely flawed , but perhaps forgivable characters . The reader is forced to examine the limits of redemption from greed and ``base ' behavior , both...
words: 1690
pages: 7
WT v 0 d 3 j r \ r e U63 U a K a -w FP \ q wHb 30` "o h g b z K-j CoM Q U jd :q VQ42 m A z ,x 7 A Or q q6fy P Zw J _ D1 l G W B ]U 8 F \q Up X k gy l...
words: 497
pages: 2


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