It is worthwhile to note also that the authors are able to recognize the fact that social bonding has significant implications on the sustained criminal tendencies among the offenders who were confined in private households . The authors also noted that social bonding is likely insignificant when applied to previously institutionalized offenders . Hence , the research hinted that the degrees of bonding and antisocial behavior among offenders are more unaffected by change as compared to more usual and less serious youth and...
words: 689
pages: 3
Constable , 2003 . How to reveal to someone you are attracted to the truth There are several ways in which this can be achieved . The first step should be ensuring that the person is available and that he /she is single , after which you can proceed using any of the following ways : If you are the kind of person who is free and outgoing , you can decide to share your feeling over coffee or dinner . But if you are reserved and...
words: 400
pages: 2
Adams puts it more vividly , This innovative image battle practice has framed our image of World War II , which is seen popularly as a mobile war dominated by fast moving-machines delivering surgical strikes in the air and on land , much like a high-tech video game . It is clean and swift . The Axis needed to fight a war of breadth , of...
words: 679
pages: 3
Running head : INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY A Practical Report on the Melting and Boiling Points of Water Experiment [Type your full name here .] [Type your teacher 's name here .] [Type the name of your school here .] [Type the subject here .] Title : A Practical Report on The Melting and Boiling Points of Water Aim /Purpose : The aim of...
words: 776
pages: 3
Name University Course Tutor Date Paracetamol also referred to as acetaminophen is an antipyretic and analgesic drug that is widely applicable . It is present both in liquid form as suspensions and solutions as well as in solid dosage forms such as tablets , suppositories and capsules . These drugs belong to the class of drugs referred to as ``aniline analgesics ' and in...
words: 1019
pages: 4
The Unit Cell The basic structural unit of a lattice is technically called a unit cell . Each unit could be described by the lattice constants a , b and c , which represent the basic vector lengths , and the angles ( and . Angle ( is located between the b and c vectors , while angle ( is situated between the a and c vectors , and angle...
words: 1169
pages: 5
IONIC LIQUIDS Chemistry Essay Date : 1933 Words Name : University IONIC LIQUIDS Introduction An increasing interest and intensive research have been devoted towards understanding the chemistry of ionic liquids over the past decade . These liquids are not any new and have extensively been used in organic separation and synthesis . With renewed interest towards these liquids , researchers have started to realize novel...
words: 1902
pages: 7
Reversed phase-HPLC Reverse phase High Pressure Liquid Chromatography for measuring hydrolysis of ester Introduction Reverse-Phase High performance chromatography consists of any method of chromatography that utilizes a non-polar phase . In the early part of 1970s , non-modofied alumina or silica which has a greater attraction for polar elements and hydrophilic surface chemistry was used for majority of the liquid chromatography . Because...
words: 1014
pages: 4
HYDRO CHEMISTRY Hydro Chemistry Practical Hand Book PRACTICALS 4 AND 5 Question 1 . Calculation of Solubility Product of a compound , from the given Solubility data . Principle . The product of the Ionic concentrations , in gram mole per litre , of a saturated solution of the sparingly soluble salt is nearly equal to the Solubility Product . Pl . follow the steps Calculate the molecular...
words: 2877
pages: 11
Nies , 2001 , p . 1 . Manya , as how her relatives and friends called her , grew up during the Russian occupation of Warsaw . Her family did not concur to armed revolutions and was a supporter of the educational resistance movement . They wanted to conserve the Polish culture . This led to the relegation of Wladyshaw as principal , and eventually , their family 's fight...
words: 5889
pages: 22
) The advantage of using the Eschweiler-Clarke method for preparing N ,N-dimethylbenzalmine rather than the reductive alkylation method because the loss of the water molecule is thermodynamically disfavored by the presence of a large amount of water in itrs environment . This therefore , suggestes that in some cases the reaction proceeds via reduction of the hydroxylamine species . 2 . Below are reference spectra...
words: 705
pages: 3
Running head : CHEMISTRY How flocculants are different from coagulants Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : How flocculants are different from coagulants Water is the essence of life and therefore it must be protected given that it 's scarce . Measures have to be put in place to ensure that the drinking water is free from harmful chemicals and that it is clean...
words: 639
pages: 3
Subject : chemistry Lecturer : XYZ Calculating concentration using spectrophotometry Student name ID : 123456 Lab class DATE Lab report Introduction The discovery of spectrophotometer has made it possible for the quantification of material using electromagnetic spectra which is measured as absorbance /transmittance . Photometry principle is applied by measuring the amount of light as a function of the light wavelength . Spectrophotometer operate by...
words: 768
pages: 3
RUNNING HEAD : CHEMISTRY IN MY MAJOR 1 Chemistry in My Major (Your Name (Your University ) Many of us might think that chemistry is just another science . For me , once I hear the word , a picture of a scientist mixing different chemicals in the laboratory immediately comes to mind . At least this was what I initially thought before taking this chemistry...
words: 662
pages: 3
Running Head : Silent Spring Abstract Urbanization and modernization have brought with them financial prosperity , economic betterment and a higher standard of comfort and living . However , man has sacrificed all the elements , with absolutely no consideration , only to achieve and accomplish prosperity at the cost of nature 's biodiversity and ecological balance . The world today faces the threat of extinction of...
words: 477
pages: 2
Running head : THE CHEMISTRY OF POLYCHLORINATED BIPHENYLS (PCBs ) The Chemistry of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs ) Name : University : Course : Date : The Chemistry of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs ) Introduction Polychlorinated biphenyls also known as PCBs belong to a group of 209 synthetic organic chemicals composed of between 1 and 10 atoms of chlorine attached to biphenyl rings (1 . These individual chlorinated biphenyl rings , congeners...
words: 1809
pages: 7
Running Head : the development and use of explosive over the past century the development and use of explosive over the past century Customer Inserts His /her Name University Name Table of Contents Abstract .3 Introduction .4 Methodology .5 Results .5 Analysis .10 Recommendations .11 Conclusion .12 References .13 Abstract This paper researches on the history of explosives over the past...
words: 2133
pages: 8


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