The said clauses look for to limit or to take away the privilege of judicial review for the verdicts of the Australian government administration . The recent example on the subject is the Terrorism [Police Powers] Act , 2002 of New South Wales which safeguards certain decisions initiated by the Police Minister from the process of judicial review . In Australian judicial system , rule of law is revered as founding stone . However , like people never thought of the foundation of any building while...
words: 1132
pages: 5
Court decided that such does not violate the First Amendment . However , the contingency disclosure requirement has been uphold because the state 's interest has been sufficiently found to be affected . As a whole , the restriction on lawyer 's advertisement of their legal service is unconstitutional . Through the Court 's decision in the case , the problem as to the right to advertise and solicit for legal business of the lawyers have been significantly been addressed . The Zauderer case has affirmed that...
words: 1232
pages: 5
Running Head : Information systems . Difference between criminal justice information systems and police records management . Name University Course Tutor Date Abstract For law enforcement department to be efficient there has to be an efficient system of collection and storage of data . Proper coordination between various departments is also crucial . This paper is going to look into the differences between criminal justice...
words: 337
pages: 2
Running head : LEGAL ISSUES How the Police Access Data to Obtain Criminal Information Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Advancement in technology has completely changed the way in which law enforcement agents obtain information , organize and make use of that information (Foster , 2005 . Foster (2005 ) states that technology has enhanced the use of information both in strategic and tactical sense . Scientific...
words: 566
pages: 3
Introduction Contract and company law were created to control and monitor the commercial activities . These laws due to the increased public scrutiny , for long term survival , companies have engaged in increasing more dependence on the social political support . They therefore change their roles , goals and activities just to satisfy the expectation of the society . They have also had to align...
words: 1565
pages: 6
The Supply and Demand (Pricing ) Another thing that marketing should consider is Pricing . The study of pricing is done through the supply and demand . The supply and demand depends on pricing . If the price is high , the producers might sell more products but the consumers would buy less . On the other way around , the consumers would buy more products if...
words: 555
pages: 3
Racial profiling in police work Name Course Title Tutor 's Name August 21 , 2010 Racial profiling in police work Introduction `The U .S government 's use of discriminatory profiling in the name of national security violates human rights and has a profound and wide reaching impact on South Asian , Arab , Eastern and Muslim community members ' These are words from a...
words: 2032
pages: 8
Running Head : ISSUES Civil Liberties Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Civil Liberties Correctional officers are line staffs who have greatly been called upon in the treatment of inmates especially those with serious mental disorders . These staffs have also contributed much in the reduction of the arbitrary actions through psychotherapy and counseling , medication , special housing and behavior programs . Nurturance and recognition...
words: 281
pages: 2
TORT LAW Tort Law : Cases , applications and defense (Name (School /University (Instructor /Professor (Date ) Contracts In the traditional settings for contracts to be enforced , there are two factors to be considered for a contract to be considered legally binding . One , the parties in the contract agree to the provisions and terms of the contract . Two , there must be the establishment...
words: 1235
pages: 5
And while the officer 's decision is subject to review by a supervisor , it cannot be considered by a judge of the Board of Immigration Appeals . The only judicial review in this expedited process is by habeas corpus , and the court 's relief can only be to a full hearing in a regular removal proceeding . To allow officers of such...
words: 16217
pages: 59
Name : University : Course : Instructor : Date : Cybercrime The internet has increasingly become a convenient avenue for commitments of crimes in the ever sophisticated information age . This is due to the defining characteristics of the online world where one can interact without physical contact . A computer consultant in Utah was sentenced to five years in prison for stealing 2 million dollars from...
words: 1850
pages: 7
Running head : Justice and the Island of TAGG Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Justice and the Island of Tagg An unjust law is a rule that a group of people imposes on other persons due to the superiority of the former group while the former faction is not accountable to the same code . Conversely , a just law is one which...
words: 800
pages: 3
The large number of convicts incarcerated translated into a need for more staff to manage the systems . For example , the number of employees in the correctional facilities and related jobs were about 13 ,685 . This number of employees was only second to the Department of Human Services . However , the parole officers were needed due to the increased number of individuals...
words: 554
pages: 3
Justice and the Island of TaGG JUST LAWS AND UNJUST LAWS It is very important that people understand what just laws are . A just law , according to Dr . Martin Luther King , is one which is in line with the moral laws of man or the laws of God . It is a law with with everyone or almost everyone agrees with...
words: 515
pages: 2
Spain had the Inquisition , proud that fewer works were published in Spain in the eighteenth century than had been published in the sixteenth . An oppressive censorship meant that in every field of intellect except orthodox theology , Spain lagged behind the rest of Europe . The Royal Society used mariners as its corps of observers . It drafted lists of questions for sailors...
words: 352
pages: 2
Running head : LEGAL ISSUES Principles of Administration Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Conflict-versus-consensus debate Human beings have a variety of desires that may sometimes contradict . Even though people may want to enjoy the benefits of safety they relish adventure . They ask for greater personal freedom yet demand social equality (American Government , 2008 . Conflict and consensus have a central paradox existing...
words: 897
pages: 4
Running Head : CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IN AMERICA Capital Punishment in the United States of America Name University Tutor Course Date Abstract Capital punishment has been at the center of controversy for many years . The bone of contention has always been whether this form of punishment should be abolished or not . A section of people feel that this form of punishment should...
words: 1292
pages: 5
Running head : Judicial Review of a Presidential Election Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Judicial Review of a Presidential Election Based on the pertinent points that were analyzed by the US Supreme Court judges who ruled on the Bush v . Gore , 531 U .S . 98 (2000 ) lawsuit , I concur with the ruling that regarded Al Gore 's claims as faulty (Bush v...
words: 330
pages: 2


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