The Supreme court stated "But a conclusive answer to the contention that this amendment (The second amendment ) prohibits the legislation in question lies in the fact that the amendment is a limitation only upon the power of Congress and the national government and not upon that of the state " In saying as much , the Supreme court reaffirmed the notion that the 2nd amendment acts as a limitation upon the federal government regarding infringement upon an individual 's right regarding the...
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pages: 4
The article discusses the experiences of Aboriginal children who were taken from their communities and were taken in by institutions like orphanages , and foster homes . The article showed the various effects of this situation on the children 's physical and psychological well being . In my , I would focus on two aspects which I found significant and interesting : the physical condition of these institutions and how they address the developmental needs of the children . I selected these two items because I...
words: 362
pages: 2
RUNNING HEAD : Cyber Crime 1 Cyber Crime (Your Name (Your University ) The banking system , I believe , experiences the biggest threat from cyber crimes . In fact , 94 percent of cyber crime recorded in 2009 came from financial services companies (as cited in Stern , 2010 . This only poses the greatest risk for the future because big amounts of money are on the...
words: 258
pages: 1
Running head : RESPONDING TO WHITE COLLAR CRIME Responding to White Collar Crime Name : University : Instructor : Date : Responding to White Collar Crime Introduction Most people tend to think that ``crime ' is what street or poor people do , therefore the idea of a respectable and powerful person in society committing a crime seems out of the norm to most of us . The...
words: 2248
pages: 9
Running heading : Intelligence Coordination Fusion Center Org . Intelligence Coordination Fusion Center Org Name 27th August , 2010 Intelligence community Intelligence community 's core was established through the national security Act of 1947 . It consists of 13 organizations and agencies . The workforce of the intelligence community consists of military and civilian personnel who are a part of the intelligence programs . Fusion centers...
words: 602
pages: 3
The article by Jaynarayan Lala and Fred Schneider , although short , provides a great account of the strengths and weaknesses of an IT monoculture . It has been established in the article that an IT monoculture exposes a system to a variety of risks . While there are a number of ways by which individual risks can be reduced , this could sometimes mean...
words: 200
pages: 1
Running Head : CRIMINOLOGY Critical Criminology Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Critical Criminology Critical criminology , also known as radical criminology dates back to the concepts of Marxism . Despite the fact that Fredric Engels and Karl Marx were the founders of contemporary radical criminology , none of them gave explicit focus to crime . William Bonger (1876-1940 , a Dutch criminologist was a more direct...
words: 817
pages: 3
Of all the various computer systems and protocols which operate in the high technology world we live in today , there are is one system which has provided cybercriminals with a perfect area of operation where they can commit crime and attempt to break various laws . The computer system known as the Internet which operates using the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP...
words: 293
pages: 2
For example , Plato , Aristotle , St . Augustine , St . Thomas Aquinas , Baruch Spinoza , and G .W . Leibniz all in quite different ways sought to gain knowledge of the nature of things (3 ) Within the contexts of their philosophies , these thinkers sought the foundations of morality in the nature of man , his place in the cosmos , and his constitutive relationship with the divine...
words: 30207
pages: 110
Increasing Levels of Crime in Chicago Crime in Chicago Name School Date Introduction The levels and categories of crime in Chicago are increasing with each new dawn (U .S . Census Bureau . 2010 . In this context all types of crime including , murder , robbery , rape , drug abuse , fraud , and vandalism among others are very common . Though there is no precise justification on...
words: 650
pages: 3
Running Head : READING 4 I T Monoculture : Security Risk Defenses Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : I T Monoculture : Security Risk Defenses The paper highlights a fact that modern society shows a common reflection of monoculture in information technology due to its advantageous position though there still chances of it being under the risk of virus and other forms of malware...
words: 248
pages: 1
Evaluative Discussion [Name] [Course Title] [University] [Instructor Name] [Date] Evaluative Discussion The article being evaluated in this discussion is regarding information technology monocultures . Monoculture is a community of computers running same software . This same software technique is quite risky because an attack on a single system can turn down the whole community . This discussion describes monocultures and their vulnerability towards...
words: 290
pages: 2
Before the discovery of his serial killings , Jeffrey Dahmer had a series of disturbing childhood behavior . He used to mutilate animals and experiment with them , performing surgeries and bleaching their bones . He known to be a loner as a child , and exhibited symptoms of anti-social behavior . He had earlier recordings of public drunkenness , fights , arrests for indecent exposures , and masturbating...
words: 2499
pages: 10
A single toy donated by you can bring a smile on the face of many children because what they have to toys are rocks , tree barks , mud and that 's it .You do not necessarily have to make a onetime donation , if you like you can adopt a child virtually and pay for his education , food , shelter because there are...
words: 885
pages: 4
Critique of ``Lifting the Veil on Cyber Offense ' The article entitled , ``Lifting the Veil on Cyber Offense ' is written by Herbert Lin who is a senior scientist and a senior staff officer at the Computer Science and Technology Board of the National Research Council of the National Academies . This is also where he became the study director of different projects...
words: 241
pages: 1
Running head : Discussion point Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Discussion point The problem of cybercrime is commonly affecting the transmission control protocol and the internet protocol . This has been closely attributed to the fact that these protocols are commonly used in most networking systems across the globe . Just to be appreciated is the fact that commonly usage of these protocols...
words: 270
pages: 1
Running head : criminology Criminology Name : Course : Tutor : Date : Criminology Crime occurs as a result of several well known factors in people 's life . Some of the concepts which are indicted to be the major concepts of crime include the parental influence , guilt , oedipal conflict and aggression . Parental influence is the incitation of the child behavior by the parent 's action...
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