England 's dark age , it takes these children , innocent in many ways , in to restore Narnia 's former grandeur . In this way , the children learn about sacrifice (as Aslan teaches it to Lucy upon his death and rebirth , and as Edmund learns about what sacrifice is in not taking his promised life with White Witch . Indeed in becoming heroes of Narnia , the children grow up - quite literally . It is in this sense of them growing , and learning that adults will...
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pages: 2
The healthcare industry is undoubtedly facing several challenges in today 's world . These include equal and fair access to healthcare facilities and programs , affordable treatments and procedures , quality of healthcare provided , and professionalism and excellence of healthcare providers . I , for one , have always wanted to be part of this industry no matter how difficult the path towards becoming a certified practitioner may be . Specifically , I wish to contribute by being a pharmacist . Hence , I deem that an educational environment that...
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pages: 3
Running head : OVERVIEW OF THE HUMAN GENOME PROJECT FOCUSING ON THE POTENTIAL MEDICAL APPLICATIONS Overview of the Human Genome Project Focusing on the Potential Medical Applications Name : Institution : Date : Abstract The April 14th 2003 became an historical event in DNA science as the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI ) in collaboration with the Department of Energy (DoE ) and other associates...
words: 1672
pages: 7
DRUG TARGET INTERACTIONS Cimetidine and Histamine Receptor (H2 ) G Protein Coupled Receptor Family Pharmacology Essay Name : University : Date : Abstract The approach of treating ulcers was mainly based on the administration of antacids . However , even if the antacids were administered frequently , the production of hydrochloric acid by the parietal cells never ceased . It became wiser to develop agents which could completely...
words: 1500
pages: 6
Drug Target Interaction Drug Target Interaction : The Binding of Propranolol and Biological Responses Pharmacology Essay Name : University : Date : Abstract The mechanisms of drug-receptor binding have been studied widely particularly with the invention of crystallographic techniques which can visualize the structures of proteins and other macromolecular structures . Another development that has changed the approach of drug discovery is the use of...
words: 1281
pages: 5
1 . The lack or absence of adequate and quality healthcare services , programs , facilities , and medications - this is what primarily attracts me to enter the medical field , particularly pharmacy . Indeed the topic of healthcare has been making headlines recently . It has been debated that people in this country should have decent healthcare plans . For some , this is an easy thing to...
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pages: 6
Name : University : Instructor : Date : Role of Porcine (Pig ) Liver Esterase in Hydrolysis of Ester Porcin liver esterase (PLE ) belongs to a family of carboxylesterases (EC 3 .1 .1 .1 (Musidlowska Bornscheuer 2003 , p . 1139 . Carboxylesterases often differ in their immunological , genetic and biochemical properties and have different functions depending on the part of the organism they are expressed . The enzyme...
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pages: 2
Admission Essay Question 1 ) According to California Northstate College of Pharmacy (n .d , pharmacy education can be reformed by incorporating team-based learning in the curriculum . This system of education allows each student develop skills that are essential for individual and organizational success . I believe that introducing this learning approach will produce pharmacists that will be more successful and organized in...
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pages: 1
The insulin receptors in such cells may be normal , but the insulin pathways that are related to the insulin receptors may go haywire . The functioning of the glucose transporting agent GLUT may become abnormal . Scientists also feel that the defects in insulin use and glucose transportation may be due to a genetic defect . Obesity also increases the risk of the...
words: 9527
pages: 35
Alkylation agents as chemotherapeutic agents Alkylation agents as Chemotherapeutic agents (Student Name (Name of Supervisor ) Introduction Chemotherapy simply means the use of chemicals to treat disease by destroying microorganism or cancerous or tumor cells . Generally , chemotherapy acts by destroying rapidly dividing cells although the mechanism that leads to this differs . Several divisions of chemotherapy agents exist such as the anti-metabolites...
words: 909
pages: 4
Federal Reserve Notes is decreasing with every day that passes , thus the cost of living increases . If our government would print its own money , without interest , this problem would cease , the ``business cycle ' in my own opinion , is nothing more than a deterring explanation , an explanation that does not really concern itself with the root cause of a problem , but...
words: 741
pages: 3
Drugs for heart failure Heart failure is the inability of the heart to pump enough blood to meet the body demand , which can be as a result of aging the process can be stimulated by myocardial infarction , coronary artery disease , mitral , chronic hypertension and sometimes diabetes mellitus , pharmacological invention is geared to prevention and alleviating the primary cause because heart...
words: 875
pages: 4
Applied Pharmacology HLTH3204 Acute Myocardial Infarction Case number three May 20101 Contents Case presentation .2 The pathophysiology of asthma .2 Why are inhaled corticosteroid drugs used as preventive medications .3 What is the mechanism of action of corticosteroids .3-4 What is the mechanism of action of beta2 agonists .4 Properties determine whether a beta2 agonist is either short-acting or long-acting...
words: 2058
pages: 8
(Dobutamine is less effective in infants and may actually cause hypotension , blood culture and start of antibiotics : ampicillin gentamicin for 7-10d (Anaerobic coverage is usually not necessary unless infant is several weeks old , follow CBC , platelets , PT , PTT , fibrinogen replace clotting factors products prn , frequent measurements of arterial pH and blood gas tensions , correct metabolic acidosis , frequent measurements of electrolytes...
words: 1265
pages: 5
A survey (6 ) reveals that one in five asthma patients neither visits a regular GP nor sees an asthma specialist . Regular visits are required of asthma patients whether with mild or severe asthmatic attacks because medication has to be regulated depending on surrounding factors (7 , 10 . Questionnaire and telephone surveys were used to collect data from patients under asthmatic treatment...
words: 1492
pages: 6
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian children (30 ) than non-Indigenous Australian children (5-7 . Couzos Davis ( HYPERLINK "http /www .asthmamonitoring .org /AinA08_html /References .htm " \l "Couzos2005 " 2005 ) reported that (5 ) `80 and 48 of ACCHSs indicated a problem in patient access to spacer devices and patient access to asthma medications , respectively . In response to this , the Australian Government introduced the Asthma...
words: 1375
pages: 5
Pharmacy Personal Statement I selected pharmacy as a career because I believe that it is caring , it is an art , a science , client centered , holistic , adaptive , concerned with health promotion , health maintenance , and health restoration and most of all I firmly agree that pharmacology is a helping profession . It is the pharmacist 's responsibilities to take care of the client...
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