Anderson Helms 15 . Hence , nursing documentations should be complete and accurate . This serves as a tool that validates the verbal endorsements shared by nurses . More importantly , nurses should be guided by the principle in documentation that any undocumented action is considered not done and vice versa . For example , the morning shift nurse forgot to endorse verbally that she has already administered a stat for a medication . However , if the assigned afternoon shift nurse sees in the nurse 's chart that...
words: 1462
pages: 6
HHS . Through the adapted tool , there will be a better reflection on the dimensions of hope in populations and also reduce the number and complexity of items and thus render the tool more clinically useful (Herth , 1992 . The Hope Herth Hope Index was developed by Kaye Herth , PhD , RN , in 1992 . The adapted version of the HHI consists of twelve items . For the shortened instrument . In an effort to increase clinical usefulness , specific attention is given to designing simple items...
words: 1516
pages: 6
North Asia , Eurasia and Middle East Segment includes operations in India , Malaysia , and China , Taiwan , and Japan , Singapore and Israel China is an important market for the Coca-Cola Company 's business , with more than 1 .3 billion people and unit case volume growth from 17 in 2006 to a remarkable case volume growth of 34 . During 2006 Coca-Cola acquired Kerry beverages Limited -- one of the largest bottlers of our products in China . This acquisition facilitated new , long term investment...
words: 611
pages: 3
A . Define homeostasis Homeostasis is the natural ability of the body to balance the internal condition of the body with changes in the external environment . An example of the homeostatic ability of the body is when we shiver when it is cold . Shivering is a result of many physiological processes in the body that have the end objective of preserving...
words: 684
pages: 3
Introduction The health of a community is a complex dynamic where many factors play a role in determining the overall well being of a society . The general health of a population is determined by their situational circumstances and environment . These factors vary from one community to another and must be studied so as to deliver a health solution that will...
words: 2608
pages: 10
Running Head : AN ARTICLE CRITIQUE ON THE EFFICACY OF INTRAVENOUS FERRIC GLUCONATE ON DIALYSIS PATIENTS An Article Critique on the Efficacy of Intravenous Ferric Gluconate on Dialysis Patients [Type your name here .] [Type the name of your professor here .] [Type the name of your university here .] [Type the date here .] The research study investigated the efficacy...
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pages: 2
He carries his roles even without the recognition of fame or fortune in it . He knows his job and how to deal with his members efficiently . He has set out standards that are favorable , and in making decisions , he provides justifiable measures . He sets goals and envisions the future with the changes accompanied by it . A good leader is proficient...
words: 974
pages: 4
In the present time , it is very much apparent that the nursing career offers a wide range of opportunities . But , I firmly affirm that nursing is not only a job but an important role in the community . I am inclined towards nursing because of the physical , mental and emotional strength that are needed . The challenges that I will encounter will...
words: 369
pages: 2
Questions from the journal article titled ``Evaluation of an evidence-based education package for men with prostate cancer on hormonal manipulation therapy (Templeton Coates 2004 : What are the independent and dependent variables in the study ? The independent variable identified in the study is the education package conducted and the dependent variable existing in the study is the effect that the education...
words: 343
pages: 2
Running Head : LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT Leadership and Management Insert name : Nurse 420 Instructor : August 23 , 2010 Management and leadership Management is the act of getting things done through and with people in formally organized groups , it entails creation of an environment in which people can work as individuals and yet cooperate towards the attainment of good goals . In the text...
words: 1143
pages: 5
Percentage Breakdown : Respondents ' Area of Practice Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid Nursing Home / Long Term Care 6 24 .0 24 .0 24 .0 Hospitals /Surgical 8 32 .0 32 .0 56 .9 Doctor 's Office 2 8 .0 8 .0 64 .0 Geriatrics 2 8 .0 8 .0 72 .0 Pediatrics 2 8 .0 8 .0 80 .0...
words: 18361
pages: 67
1- Briefly outline the overall design of this piece of research ? This research focuses on triangulation which focuses on comparing the different research methodologies and attaining a common conclusion . It also pays particular attention on carrying out qualitative research by considering the influence of the research to the researcher . In addition to this , the researcher used observation , interviewing and archived...
words: 394
pages: 2
Case Study : Mr . Cecil Ireland Case Study : Mr . Cecil Ireland Upon entering Mr . Ireland 's room , there are several things that are noted right away . Mr . Ireland is trying to get out of bed and is wrapped up in his IV line which could cause a fall very shortly . He also has shallow rapid respirations , pale mucous membranes , and fresh...
words: 646
pages: 3
Running Head : HEALTH PROMOTION Health Promotion (name (institution (course (date ) Health Promotion What steps can the Nurse Practitioner take to combine competent-health promotion and disease-prevention creatively and cost-effectively into routine patient visits ? Provide references . Being a nurse practitioner , one of the main role that each nurse performs is to enhance health promotion and disease prevention activities to the patients by...
words: 1183
pages: 5
Running head : MANAGING QUARANTINE MEASURES Managing SARS quarantine measures in Taiwan : `Experiences of public health nurses ' Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Introduction The article `Confidence in controlling a SARS outbreak : Experiences of public health nurses in managing home quarantine measures in Taiwan ' is a 2006 publication authored by Chih-Cheng Hsu , Ted Chen , Mei Chang and Yu-Kang Chang and published in...
words: 636
pages: 3
Running head : Evidence-based practice applied nursing research Name : Course : Tutor : 19th August 2010 Introduction Perioperative procedures are the practices carried out before during and after a surgical operation . There are various such procedures and some of them need to be changed or improved to prevent the surgical site infections after the operation . These surgical site infections are major cause of...
words: 1590
pages: 6
Diabetic Management Plan Diabetes Mellitus is a disease known to humans since the ancient times . Hieroglyphics of Egypt , which dated back in 1500 BC , illustrated symptoms of diabetes . During this time , people depicted diabetes to be type 2 only and type 1 diabetes is a newly discovered disease . However , this has been made clear by researches and studies that type...
words: 2964
pages: 11
Order : Purpose The purpose of this report is to acknowledge the issue of mental health problem in school going children aged between 10-14 years so that health professionals may practice to ensure their wellbeing . The report is meant for the nursing profession and it highlights the issue , its contributing factors and impact on the family . Finally , the report makes recommendations...
words: 1862
pages: 7


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