On the contrary , through the methods of McMurray students may have the chance to work independently and present their output based on their own plan . By anchoring the subject matter into the present thinking level of the students , the teacher motivates them and incites them for further learning . Discovery Learning Jerome Bruner postulated that the active engagement of learners in every learning activity would result to a long mind-retention of learned facts or principles (Dandapani , 2004 . Environmental stimuli arouse learners...
words: 1557
pages: 6
Greenwald , R , Hedges , L . V Laine , R . D . 1996 . Co-teaching has made delivery of teaching services to a classroom of regular and learner with disabilities possible and has the growth of the grades as it is being used . It is one a philosophy of inclusive practices that has bee adopted and used in the no child left behind . Children both disabled and regular shares benefits inclusion when it is used with other inclusion strategies . It is apparent that this method...
words: 1908
pages: 7
Running Head : SERVICE LEARNING CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT Service Learning Curriculum Development (Your Name (Your School (Your Instructor (Course (Date ) Abstract This paper discusses the main elements of service learning . It will give the definition of service learning and provide some examples for more clarification . It will also discuss the educational theories related to service learning . These theories will include constructivist theory...
words: 4752
pages: 18
Running Head : CODES OF CONDUCT Using Glasser 's Choice Theory to devise a code of conduct for a primary school classroom Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Introduction All participants within the classroom setting have responsibilities . While the students are expected to appear in class to study and learn , the teachers have the responsibility of ensuring that students are taught in...
words: 1151
pages: 5
Research questions The current trends in the intelligence show that terrorism is still a big issue for America . Even though terrorism has now become a concern for the entire world and terrorism acts are happening in many countries , America remains a prime target . While terrorism has been associated with religious extremist in the Islamic faith , some countries remain a great...
words: 304
pages: 2
Chi-Square Test of Association (Independence ) 1 . A short explanation about the Chi-Square Test of Association The Case Processing Summary table Cross tabulation table Chi-square Tests table Clustered Bar Chart Chi-square test of independence is used to determine whether there is an association or relationship between nominal or ordinal types of variables using their frequencies . In the given case , the researcher...
words: 696
pages: 3
Running Head : Learning Language through Web 2 .0 Approaches to Learning Foreign Languages through Web 2 .0 Technology Name : Course : Tutor : Date : Abstract The educational sector has in the recent years experienced a tremendous increase in the use of new media , video games as part of web 2 .0 technology for the purpose of instruction in a bid to expand...
words: 1931
pages: 8
Assignment 5 : ANOVA Open the divorce .sav data file and run the one-way ANOVA to answer the following question (7 .5 points ) What are the effects of marital status on life satisfaction ? State the independent and dependent variables . The independent variable is marital status and the dependent variable is life satisfaction . State the null and alternate hypotheses . The null hypothesis...
words: 1071
pages: 4
This period , also known as Epipaleolithic , is characterized by more refined tool-making techniques applied by the early humans . Instead of crude and roughly cut stone tools , the instruments the humans in this period used were more refined and had shapes such as crescents , Perry , M . 25 . triangles , rectangles , trapezoids and rhomboids that are later to pieces of wood or antler...
words: 51222
pages: 187
The Intelligence Estimate Process Part I : In the purview of national security , there exists a relationship between the intelligence analysts (particularly those who belong to the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] ) who keep tabs with what is going on in and around the world , to see how it could affect the state , and the policymakers who makes (foreign ) policies based on...
words: 2084
pages: 8
Running Head : STRUCTURAL INEQUALITY AND DIVESRITY Theories in Structural Inequality and Diversity (Your Name (Your School (Your Instructor (Course (Date ) Abstract This paper discusses the trends in structural inequality and diversity . It will give a deeper understanding of structural inequality and diversity and how it impacts on the education system . The study will go ahead to discuss the various theories...
words: 4009
pages: 15
Language , Identity and Cultural Difference Name : Course : Lecturer : Date : Introduction According to Hall (1997a , enunciation theories suggest that even though we may talk of ourselves from our experiences , the person who speaks and the subject being spoken of are never identical . Identity in this regard is to be conceived as a production which is never complete- ``always in process , and...
words: 2083
pages: 8
Alternative Scenarios /Future Analysis Delphi Technique [Name] [Course Title] [University] [Instructor Name] [Date] Alternative Future and Scenario Analysis The way word `dynamic ' has qualified itself , to describe current affairs , implies that future is getting more uncertain now . Radical changes in the past have made present more autonomous and future more unpredictable . Need to understand and define the future have made...
words: 1283
pages: 5
Bibliography Al-Harthy , I .S , Was , C .A Isaacson , R .M (2010 . Goals , efficacy and metacognitive self-regulation a path analysis . International Journal of Education , 2 (1 , 1-20 . Cleary , T .J (2009 . Monitoring trends and accuracy of self-efficacy beliefs during interventions : Advantages and potential applications to school-based settings . Psychology in the Schools , 46 (2 , 154-171 . Douglas , O , Burton , K .S Reese-Durham , N...
words: 279
pages: 2
Double , double toil and trouble (Orgel , 2004 , p . 229 . Three for One was employed in the opening scene , in which the first witch says 'When shall we three meet again ? In thunder , lightning or in rain (Orgel , 2004 , p . 184 . Shakespeare employed antithesis several times in the play , like when the second witch says , ``When the battle 's lost and...
words: 611
pages: 3
Reduction of bias through Analysis of Competing Hypotheses Analysis of competing hypotheses (ACH ) is one of the tools that a research can use to arrive at a sound judgment about hypothesis . This is because it is a tool that requires one to clearly identify all the rational options and then weigh them out instead of examining their credibility individually . The...
words: 950
pages: 4
Eliminating Prejudice and Discrimination Inside the Classroom Through Observation of Multicultural Education for Special Students Eliminating Prejudice and Discrimination Inside the Classroom Through Observation of Multicultural Education for Special Students Introduction The rich and colorful diversity of today 's society is very evident to many classrooms in most parts of the world . It is indeed that mere educating of the...
words: 5669
pages: 21


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