Scoon , 1942 . The forms exist merely as models that may have had relevance to the Demiurgos , but not human beings . Hence , again , the ``mixed ' world of the Philebus is called upon later in Plato 's career to deal with these problems . Dealing with these problems caused Plato a great amount of trouble , and the final statement on it is in the Philebus . Nevertheless , prior to getting to the latter dialogue (if it can be called that ) a few comments on...
words: 735
pages: 3
Home Office Police science and technology , n .d ) Future of Technology in Police Departments Communications Interoperability Cyber Force These are pager-sized systems that permit patrol officers to run pieces of identifying information about individuals or locations through computer databases , without going through dispatchers . Point Talk Translators Point Talk Translators are moveable , software driven general translators that police officers use at times to translate speech to and from English . Seneca Secure Mobile Communication Platform Seneca secure mobile communication platform are advanced...
words: 764
pages: 3
Simile of the Cave Simile of the Cave Introduction Simile of the Cave , also known as The Allegory of the Cave is from Book VII of The Republic , written by Plato in 360 B .C . Here Plato uses the analogy of a cave to put forth his beliefs and concepts on knowledge and learning . According to Kelly Ross , ``The most...
words: 977
pages: 4
American Strategies when Negotiating with Germans [name] [university] American Business Strategies when Negotiating with Germans The increasing diversity in both the physical and virtual workplace has also augmented the importance of intercultural communication . For two different cultures , such as American and German , communication can be difficult without ample consideration for the culture of the persons involved . In relation to this...
words: 1199
pages: 5
Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Business networking Introduction According to Ward (2010 , p . 1 , business networking is defined as ``the process of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other business people and potential clients and /or customers ' There are many stakeholders in an organization and creating a good relationship with all people and organizations affected by activities of a business...
words: 1032
pages: 4
Can the `War on Terror ' Succeed ? [Name] [Course Title] [University] [Instructor Name] [Date] Abstract Over the period of time , humans have started realizing the importance of information which they could extract out of data , and use it to form knowledge , which is a differentiating factor in the today 's world . In the same period , humans have experienced revolutionizing trend in...
words: 3564
pages: 13
HOW TO MOVE PAST CULTURAL ELEMENTS There are two ways in which cultural elemental change must be supported . The first is in the manner of executive support . This is not merely ``yessing ' the voiced suggestions of staff . Rather , it is though the changed behavior of the executive that staff will change is well . This is termed as behavioral support . Executives...
words: 258
pages: 1
Introduction The American Electrical , Inc (AEI ) is in a middle of an environmental crisis that is likely to impact the listed firm 's stock value , profits , and brand . AEI 's relationships with its clients , employees , and the community in Marietta , Georgia where it is headquartered are also likely to be adversely affected in the face of the looming problem . The...
words: 603
pages: 3
The UNDP and Joint United Nations Program on HIV /AIDS (UNAIDS ) mutually agree that HIV /AIDS is a global development concern , one that deeply impacts and is influenced by contemporary globalisation practices (UNDP 2005 . Tufte (2005 ) makes a similar appeal regarding the global status of HIV /AIDS : HIV /AIDS is a pandemic , which is blossoming in societies with gender inequalities...
words: 20096
pages: 74
Name Course Tutor Date PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT Personnel management is a form of management whereby its sole function is to ensure that an organization acquires uses and maintains the right and satisfied workforce in its operations or activities . It is mainly concerned with employees in their day-to-day activities and how they relate with each other within the enterprise of organization . Therefore...
words: 1691
pages: 7
Dean foods Insert Your Name Course Instructor Course Name 04 Aug 2010 Dean food 's philanthropy plan Overview Established in 1925 , Dean Foods has over the years built a reputation as a reliable processor and supplier of milk and milk-related products . Currently , the firm is the largest processor and distributor dairy products in the United States , and in addition to...
words: 2986
pages: 11
Running head : Corporal Punishment in School Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Corporal Punishment in School The question of whether corporal punishment of children should be illegal or legal is complex and a subject of discussion . This is because some people hold corporal punishment as irreplaceable and effective way of disciplining a child hence it should be encouraged and legalized . The...
words: 941
pages: 4
Sinclair depicts : ``the capitalist class , with its enormous fortunes , and the proletariat , bound into slavery by unseen chains . The latter were a thousand to one in numbers , but they were ignorant and helpless , and they would remain at the mercy of their exploiters until they were organized--until they had become "class-conscious (Sinclair . While the unequal distribution of wealth is the...
words: 338
pages: 2
Running Head : Descriptive and Correlational Research Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Descriptive and Correlational Research Research is a crucial element in any discipline or since it avails an opportunity through which variables can be co-related and associated with each other so that facts and conclusions about them can be identified . Expectedly , different social and scientific disciplines deal with different kinds...
words: 586
pages: 3
Title heading : BUSIBNESS MESSAGES Student : Institution : Date : Business messages are the order of the day in any corporation or business entity as they serve to convey important information from the management to the workers and back to the management . They could be memos , a summary of the day 's activities , notice to workers or even internal job advertisements . They are...
words: 1123
pages: 5
Employment . With over 2 .4 million jobs were open last August of 2006 as stated by U .S Department of Labor . Market share for this position is very high in relation to growing number of retiring baby boomers . It is also projected that employment of nurses will grow faster than any other occupation through 2014 . Other field of nursing were...
words: 1214
pages: 5
Running Head : Hypotheses in Research Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Hypotheses in Research By definition , a research hypothesis is a statement created before a research in speculation of the outcomes of the research or experiment . In other words , a hypothesis relates the variables in a research with one or a set of probable outcomes (Gravetter Forzano , 2008 . For research to...
words: 635
pages: 3
Running head : INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL VALIDITY THREATS Types of Internal and External Validity Threats , Importance of Considering the Threats in Study Design , and the Trade-Off between Internal and External Validity Threats Date : Student Number : Date Internal and External Validity Threats Introduction Internal validity , which relates to causal control , refers to whether or not a used research method makes a difference...
words: 683
pages: 3


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