Chen Kaige and Zhang Yimou , The Big Parade (Xian Studio , 1986 . Using the opportunity provided by the grand ceremony of the 35th anniversary of the founding of the People 's Republic , the film looks into the minds of the ordinary peasant soldiers in today 's China . There is continuity with Yellow Earth despite the difference in subject . For the film is more than a re-enactment of that grand ritual of the parade which aims at binding the nation together after...
words: 790
pages: 3
Plant and Animal Life Aside from humans and plants , global warming also has a dreaded effect to animal life . The lack of clean water , plants for food and the presence of extreme heat may lead many animals to perish and eventually go extinct . This is not healthy for man and the environment considering the biosynthetic relationship that occurs through the presence of animals . In addition , the death of animals may also considerably lessen the food supply of man . Moreover , the...
words: 351
pages: 2
The advent of Modernity has made it necessary to question the existing structures and systems of power by actively breaking conventions and seeing where the path thus created leads - whether to Utopia or its complete opposite . This is true of the Arts as much as it is of Politics , especially in a time when these realms no longer exist in...
words: 547
pages: 2
In this paper , I will try to compare the play entitled ``Death of a Salesman ' by playwright Arthur Miller with an all black cast against the play entitled ``A Raisin in the Sun ' by Lorraine Hansberry with an all white cast . In order for us to effectively compare the two plays we must first get acquainted with both of the...
words: 1171
pages: 5
Other scenes are meant to demonstrate the human factor of the story and so show the characters in a more romantic light . In some scenes , riches and good times are represented but there is sense of things being out of control . The action sequences are meant to startle and many of them take place in public settings , showing the impact...
words: 1013
pages: 4
Aristotle in his ``Poetics ' says that tragedy must contain the quality of mimesis or imitation : Art must mimic life . This primary requirement has been interpreted several ways over the history of drama . One can take it to mean that mimesis lies in faithfully reproducing a character 's every look , gesture and twitch , to make one 's costumes and props meticulously...
words: 882
pages: 4
Name : Course : College : Tutor : Date : The Last Blow Characters McKenzie , William , Olivia , Sophia and Kyle (The scene opens in a typical Cleveland high class setting the stage set is a bench in the back yard of a Cleveland Estate . Three teenagers , William , Kyle and Sophia open the scene . William is seated on the bench , his hand resting on Sophia 's...
words: 859
pages: 4
(Amazon ) Vince , Tilden 's son , arrives at the farm house but nobody recognizes him . When Vince brings his girlfriend , Shelly , home to meet his family , she is at first charmed by the "normal " looking farm house . Bizarrely , no one seems to remember Vince at first , and they treat him as a trespasser and imposter . Ultimately , they reluctantly agree on acknowledging...
words: 626
pages: 3
Argument on August Wilson 's "Joe Turner 's Come and Gone " In regard to August Wilson 's play "Joe Turner 's Come and Gone " many different ideas are put forward as to the theme of the story . Some say that it presents a dialogue on religious themes . This is because of the many religious elements incorporated into the scenes of...
words: 1736
pages: 7
Hedda keeps them guessing . They remain expectant as to when the next fight , argument or misunderstanding will erupt between the husband and wife . One can not say that Ibsen has created a hen-pecked husband in the character of Jurgen Tesman . The intellectual husband tries his best to keep his wife in good humor , but he is such a simple human...
words: 6523
pages: 24
Performance Literature and Silent Reading Name of Student Name of Institution Performance Literature and Silent Reading The different forms of literature have been recognized as one of the best ways of expression wherein the individual responsible in creating a certain piece of literature can be able to express his or her thoughts and emotions as well as the ideals , values...
words: 343
pages: 2
Panic At the Station : A Review of The UC Department of Theatre 's Mercury , Mars and Mayhem At 8 PM on October 30 , 1938 , people all throughout America tuned in to the popular radio program The Mercury Theatre on the Air expecting to listen to another one of the famous theater company 's much lauded radio adaptations of theater 's...
words: 1132
pages: 5
Western Theater , on the other , seems to have a opposite result compared to the former . Asians , particularly the Asian-American actresses , provided versatility in the theater acting . Its history was described below : While many hail Asian-American theatre merely as an ethnic subset , this artistically flourishing entity is poised to catapult itself into a new era where it hopes to bolster the...
words: 1040
pages: 4
Herman yearns to learn the secret from the Countess and hides in her room with a view to question her . But the Countess keeps silence . When Herman threatens her with a gun the old woman dies of shock and the secret remains unknown . Herman is desperate , the maniacal thought of the three cards tortures him and he starts seeing the...
words: 1078
pages: 4
G D R T N O z p s y h t J Wq6 s b w m Z r 1 G ^ Q H j w U 9 5G 6 0 Tx v l U S l K1BX Ga f ] q n Yc 4V ` G _8 a k G 7 Q T p R i q g08c q...
words: 526
pages: 2
New York for opportunities . Torvald , similar to his own career with its ups and downs , will find home in a place like New York . Hence , for "A Doll 's House , it is found that New York is a very appropriate place to have as a setting for the modern interpretation "A Doll 's House " in New York Set and Production...
words: 2618
pages: 10
Since the action is in multiple locations onstage at any given time , it is appropriate to use general lighting rather than specific highlights to accentuate a single aspect . The core appeal of ``Noises Off ' is found in intricate comedic timing and deceptively difficult physical comedy and relentless dexterity . Portraying a play that is falling apart within a play that is...
words: 1159
pages: 5
African American community . African Americans are the undisputed leader in births to single mothers or unwed mothers . In 2005 , the rate of births to unmarried mother among African Americans in the United States stood at almost seventy percent . This rate has been increasing for years leading to an increase in black fatherless children . Drug and alcohol abuse is one of...
words: 379
pages: 2


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