Neither Romeo nor Juliet had to die , but in their young hot blooded passion fogged minds , there was no middle ground , they had to have each other or nothing at all . How many times , do we use phrases along the lines of `love is blind ? It appears that the more things change , the more they stay the same (Cartwright , 1987 . Conclusion Basic human emotions remain unchanged with time . Be it in four centuries ago when Shakespeare lived and penned his...
words: 632
pages: 3
Madonna and Christ Child with Infant Saint John the Baptist and Three Angels The European Art Gallery of the Birmingham Museum of Art is home to an exquisitely detailed painting by the workshop of Domenico Ghirlandaio . The painting , titled , ``Madonna and Christ Child with Infant Saint John the Baptist and Three Angels ' is a circular tempera work on panel and measures about 85 .4 cm in diameter . This circular rendition of the painting is known as the ``tondo ' format which...
words: 836
pages: 4
Nude Woman [Name of the writer] [Name of the institution] [Name of the Professor] [Course] Nude Woman Nude woman , formally known as the Venus of Willendorf is a sculpture of a female figure . It 's only 11 .1cm tall and was made from a special oolitic limestone that isn 't commonly found in the Paleolithic archeological sites of Willendorf , Austria...
words: 296
pages: 2
Frida Kahlo : Self Portrait on the Border Line between Mexico and the United States , 1932 The Smithsonian describes Frida Kahlo as a very passionate woman who has undergone a lot of struggles in life (Kaganskiy , 2007 , p .1 . She was someone who was very engaged in her environment , and most of all her culture . Her vivaciousness and articulate expression of...
words: 1325
pages: 5
THE TOILET OF A ROMAN LADY Simeon Solomon 's ``Toilet of a Roman Lady ' by Simeon Solomon is an oil painting featuring the image of a seated woman . Around the woman are there other women in waiting , two are white and one is black . One of the white women is fixing the main woman 's hair and the other seems...
words: 1195
pages: 5
Name Instructor Class 28 July 2010 Colonialism and the Struggles of the Black Psyche The book ``Black Skin , White Masks ' by Frantz Fanon analyzes the psychological damage that colonialism wrought on the colonizer and the colonized . Fanon also bases his analyses on his own experiences , wherein he describes how black children develop neuroses that root from their antagonism of their...
words: 1497
pages: 6
(name (professor (subject (date ) Japanese Art in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA ) and look at Japanese artworks , especially from the Jomon to Heian period . There were no event focusing on Japanese Art on LACMA , so I opted to join a Sunday tour of the Japanese art collection instead . Knowing at once that it would only last for...
words: 537
pages: 2
Taking the example of Iraq where terrorist like attacks are recorded daily , terrorists always seem to outmaneuver police officers . Terrorism as mentioned earlier lacks the resources to effectively change political reality in a big sense . However , terrorist activities have certainly had a profound effect on international politics and especially on the politics of United States of America . In the past...
words: 608
pages: 3
The idea of balance was the polarization between Arp and Mondrian one was fascinated with coincidence to create objects while the other was focused and controlled in their creation process in producing an exact shape . However , both artists approached the creation of shape in the same manner . Shape aids in defining space which creates an adequate composition . In this composition...
words: 6438
pages: 24
Running head : THE PERFECT LEADER The Features of the Perfect Leader Student 's name Strayer University HUM 100 The chief distinction between a great nation and a poor nation is the fact that great nations are headed by great or perfect leaders . What are the features of the perfect leader ? The perfect leader must exert every effort to be considered...
words: 441
pages: 2
MACROBUTTON DoFieldClick [Student 's Name] MACROBUTTON DoFieldClick [Instructor 's Name] MACROBUTTON DoFieldClick [Course Title] DATE \ "d MMMM yyyy " 14 July 2010 MACROBUTTON DoFieldClick [Research Paper Title] Art is interesting because it is simultaneously distinct and contextual : great art stands on its own , but it also stands in the shadow of that which has come before , and serves as the...
words: 607
pages: 3
Course NAme : Painting Comparison Hans Holbein the Younger , ``The French Ambassadors (1533 )and Jan van Eyck , ``Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride (1434 ) Clients name : 7 /12 /2010 PART 1 : Similarities Giovanni Arnolfini and his Bride The French Ambassador Oil on Oak Oil on Oak Positioning of subjects , classical triangulation . A converging presence visible as the little dog in the foreground...
words: 3837
pages: 14
A Concept on The Public Private , an art exhibit The Concept There has never been a time in history like today when a person 's private sphere teeters perilously over that of the public . In our technocratic and tangled world dominated by the encompassing power of the Internet , privacy can be set or unset at a click of a mouse...
words: 892
pages: 4
Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Table of Contents TOC \o "1-1 " \u Table of Contents PAGEREF _Toc1 \h 1 1 .0 Background PAGEREF _Toc2 \h 2 2 .0 The work of Jacob Lawrence PAGEREF _Toc3 \h 3 3 .0 His work compared with others PAGEREF _Toc4 \h 5 4 .0 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc5 \h 6 Works Cited PAGEREF _Toc6 \h...
words: 1438
pages: 6
Student 's Name Professor 's Name Course 31 May 2010 Art Offense To draw the line between freedom of expression and art offense , it is worth to consider what can be viewed as offense . Cambridge Dictionary defines offense as ``upset and hurt or annoyed feelings , often because someone has been rude or shown no respect (``Offence . Merriam-Webster Dictionary gives a...
words: 482
pages: 2
Elizabeth Murray ( 1940- 2007 (Name (Course (University (Date ) Elizabeth Murray was born in Chicago , Illinois in 1940 . She was a well known artist and painter as well . She studied at the Art Institute of Chicago . Famous for her extraordinary creativity and intelligence in the field of painting and sculpture , her works have been exhibited in major museums in the United...
words: 477
pages: 2
1 1 . Jeff Koons ' outlook to art , in many ways follows in the footsteps of Duchamp and Warhol taking the postmodern dictum of the commonplace as art and transforming these routine , mass produced figures into exhibition worthy installments . Whether or not Koons ' work will be important in a hundred years from is now hard to tell , but it will certainly...
words: 561
pages: 3


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