The basic argument making the core work contains communism , eroticism , feelings and the subconscious , skepticism and representation . Our subconscious allows every one of of us to be carefully and gladly insane . Surrealism throws off the restraints of modern society and seeks to stun and reprimand the conservative philosophy of reality . This gives an object a novel existence not even remotely related to ones usual reality . Surrealistic art may be appalling , appealing or indifferent but whatever adjective is used , it will...
words: 1022
pages: 4
Because of the reproductions , Ut cannot be blamed for the cropped photo because of the intervention of the press with regards to the dissemination of the image to narrate the historical event . It is definitely the press ' responsibility as to how they will broadcast and transmit the information with wide , visual consumers all over the world . According to Gillian Rose in her Visual Methodologies (2001 , the novelty and advantage of photography branch out from its most evident potential : it is...
words: 1696
pages: 7
ADDIN EN .CITE KupchanCharles A . KupchanClifford A . KupchanThe Promise of Collective Security52-6120 11995September 5 , 2007http /links .jst or .org /sici ?sici 0162-2889 2920 3A1 3C52 3ATPOCS 3E2 .0 .CO 3B2-E (Kupchan and Kupchan , 1995 . Moreover , in places wherein instances for flourishing improvement has not been quite evident , such as Africa and the Greater Middle East , an ethnicity of undefeatable doom...
words: 2417
pages: 9
[Name] [Course Title] [Instructor Name] [Date] Trip to Jerusalem Ancient artwork and architecture in Jerusalem has served as an example for the modern architects for a long time . There are so many churches , monasteries and shrines which belong to the historic Christian stewards of this place . Architects in Jerusalem used an even older tradition of stone work and other elements...
words: 271
pages: 1
RUNNING HEAD : Artist Statement 1 Artist Statement (Your Name (Your University ) Architecture represents culture . As Andrew Ballantyne said , buildings do not turn into architecture just because they are big or expensive , but more importantly because they have a cultural content , a significant meaning . Hence , the discipline is defined by what culture has prepared people to expect (2002 , 10 . More than...
words: 302
pages: 2
Running head : ART Famous 60 's UK Fashion Photographer David Bailey Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : David Royston Bailey was born in London 's East End in 1938 (PDN , n .d . His family was forced to relocate to Heigham road after their house was destroyed by a Second World War bomb . He was born at an era when people had...
words: 1947
pages: 8
Running head : Compare 2 Structures Name : Institution : Course : Tutor : Date : Weaving is a practical skill that uses two sets of threads that are interlaced to form a cloth . Great skill is involved when carrying out this art as is evident from Anni Alber 's 2003 On Weaving text . For example , the author states that `weavers understand the quality of a...
words: 677
pages: 3
Running head : Art Name : Course : Tutor : August 18th 2010 THE COURSE OF WESTERN CIVILISATION Introduction The western civilisation started with the renaissance that is considered as the start for modern age . In the mid 14th century , the European scholars changed their perception of the world and became more interested in the world and the exploration of new lands . They improved...
words: 1129
pages: 5
The Art and Artists of the Baroque Era as Influenced by Religion The word Baroque from its origins in the 16th century is a technical term for irregularly shaped pearls . Its popularized English language jargon meant variously strange , distorted and extravagant . The Baroque era seem to actually reflect the strange and distortion because of the divergence in religion and various...
words: 1498
pages: 6
First , from Lady Day 's story we know about her early years in Baltimore (her home city , her being deserted of her father whereas mother used to leave her alone . Billie had to start working when still in tender age and she was raped , and then sent to some reform school where she had to clean floors . Second , she repeatedly...
words: 911
pages: 4
Other artists who depict America without much regard for modernism are also rising significantly in the market . Frederic Remington , for example , can now make 5m , partly because of a migration of wealth to the West that he depicts , whose inhabitants want their past on their walls . Eric Widing of Christie 's American painting department explains 'I have an unbroken chain...
words: 14955
pages: 55
RUNNING HEAD : SCIENCE MEETS ART 1 When Science Meets Art (Your Name (Your University ) Multiple personalities - this is the concept of my art piece . This concept is clearly represented in the art piece with the use of the woman 's face cut in half , revealing another face underneath . By cutting the woman 's face in two , I aim to illustrate...
words: 317
pages: 2
Running Head : Art in Focus Art in Focus Name Professor College Class Art in Focus Art manifests through crafts that are carefully constructed and delivered from the thoughts that reflects life with its diversity of ideas . Through representation that is carefully drawn with the use of chosen medium and structured craftsmanship , the forms of art pieces can succeed to fulfill...
words: 622
pages: 3
Name Instructor 's name Course Date Title Contrary to what most people believe , tie-dying is something that was not invented in America during the 1960s . The beginnings of tie-dying go back to pre-history as many countries have experiment the use of bindings in creating patterns on cloth dipped in extensive dye . Several types of tie-dye have been practiced in Africa...
words: 620
pages: 3
Stonehenge : A landmark for the human spirit and ingenuity Name Instructor Class 8 August 2010 Stonehenge : A milestone of the human spirit and ingenuity Five thousand years ago , massive stones and lumber were moved , from different locations to one special ritualistic space , in order to form one of the greatest man-made structures in the world , Stonehenge (Jones , 2008 . Stonehenge is...
words: 374
pages: 2
Art : a form of expression Human beings are always relational in nature and they therefore device ways through which their thoughts , ideas , feelings and imaginations can be expressed . Art is the greatest and easiest way for a person to express themselves . Art can be developed in a person to a point where one obtains handiness and becomes a master in...
words: 231
pages: 1
Running heading : Fine arts Fine arts Lewis 7th August , 2010 Outline Abstract Introduction Literature review Findings Conclusion Abstract A study conducted has discovered the role of fine arts for the development of students in elementary school level of study . It focuses on various issues that surround the student at that level of study . The systems used during the transfer of...
words: 1420
pages: 6
Olympia and the Grand Odalisque Women are beautiful . From head to toe , a women has all the aspects that could captivate any man and beguile him . However , a woman is more than her physical attributes . The depth of her thoughts and the essence of her being is like a sea that can never be measured . A woman can mean many...
words: 1086
pages: 4


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