The Best Approach to Argumentative essays

Argumentative essay topics are often limited by popular culture, but in essence can be about any subject. Popular culture has lead all argumentative essay topics down the path of having to create a strong opinion on one side or another, whereas in essence an argumentative essay can conclude in a rather agnostic style….maybe yes, maybe no, but this style is not often well received.

Make a constructive argument

Argumentative essay topics may have several theories and ideas but its main aim is to convince people of the rightness of an idea, a thought, an opinion based on arguments and examples that have a value of evidence. Consider it more a reasoned essay, with the aim set towards trying to gain the agreement of the reader. Present an idea or topic and then defend a point of view against counter arguments that a person may have expressed if you were discussing the matter with them in person. You are trying to pre-empt and undermine their counter argument, before they have actually made it.

When arguing in the present tense, keep your essay restricted to general truth allied with timeliness or timelessness. State how the matter at hand is affecting the present, how it will or will not affect the future, and the truth about its effects on the past.

Organize your thoughts

Articulate your feelings, opinions and facts in an orderly manner through the linking of arguments to facts, or examples to arguments. Make your point simple and then expand it, if it needs proof. Don’t be afraid to be cold and dry in your argument. You are trying to convince people, not win a poetry competition.

You can structure your paper as you like, but it is best to have an introduction explaining the essay and stating your thesis. You may also conclude at the very end or, you may tie up each point as you make it and then move onto a different chapter/heading. If you decide that you don’t want a conclusion at the end, then simply put a summary of the points you made and tie it up to your thesis statement at the beginning.

50 Argumentative Essay Topics:

  1. Should it be made illegal to not vote?
  2. Do Americans deserve more pay and longer holidays?
  3. Is dieting a disease?
  4. Would a wholesale cigarette ban lead to a black market like for drugs?
  5. Are we becoming too dependent on technology?
  6. Should junk food be highly taxed?
  7. Does college prepare you for the real world?
  8. Should financial management be in the high school curriculum?
  9. Are beauty contests a disgrace and degrading to women?
  10. Will society as a whole ever fully accept gay marriage?
  11. Are US Gun Laws ineffectual?
  12. Should finance be a barrier to higher education?
  13. Should student evaluations of a faculty be made public?
  14. Will Barack Obama only be remembered for being the first black president?
  15. Is the US/UK Special Relationship one-sided in favour of the US?
  16. Should drug cheating athletes should be banned for life from all competitions?
  17. Is women’s soccer inferior to the male game?
  18. Do college sports promote elitism?
  19. People living in poverty should not have children - discuss
  20. Animals are not beasts of burden - discuss
  21. Should the mentally unfit be punished for crimes of an extreme nature?
  22. Did gods used to exist?
  23. Is assisted suicide ever the answer?
  24. Should we blame the parents for cot death?
  25. Is rape ever the woman’s fault?
  26. Is the FBI worth the money?
  27. Should immigrants be sent home if they break the law?
  28. Should we force prisoners to work so they can pay for their stay?
  29. Do we really need five fruit and vegetables a day?
  30. Did we really land on the moon or was the video staged to help win the cold war?
  31. Is Santa Claus a bad influence on gullible children?
  32. Can a woman in the sex trade truly remove her emotions from the act?
  33. Is shouting at your child abuse?
  34. Should we force the homeless into prison to clear the streets?
  35. Does the three strike prison rule work?
  36. Does a judge’s panel have to be from diverse backgrounds to be impartial?
  37. Will global warming ever stop?
  38. Should we blame the parents for the crimes of their children?
  39. How old is too old to live at home?
  40. How old should a person be to legally have sex?
  41. Do all illegal drugs have a negative affect?
  42. Is the damage caused by smoking over exaggerated because it’s an easy target?
  43. Does wealth matter more than skin colour?
  44. Are strong women unattractive?
  45. Can the severely disabled be taught how to function in real un-aided life?
  46. If charity donations are up, should we lower government subsidies to charities?
  47. Do women power dress to reflect a confidence that isn’t there?
  48. Was Darwin in total conflict with church teachings?
  49. Are safari parks better than zoos?
  50. Are essays the best method of student evaluation?

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